Mink Chocolates

Was going to visit this place a while back with a friend, but we ended up cancelling the date and I ventured it myself with my boyfriend. The location I visited is in Downtown Hastings and Hornby St, right beside an small open park. When I enter the beautifully modern cafe, all I notice was chocolate. The brown color paint on the wall, the rich chocolate fragrance and small little chocolates on the display shelves. All of a sudden I felt like a little girl entering a candy shop. 🙂

We ordered a hot 70% dark hot chocolate, dark chocolate mocha, Belgian monkey waffle and this dessert that I cannot recall its name.

The dark hot chocolate and dark chocolate mocha was delicious. It is what true hot chocolate is meant to be, since I ordered dark chocolate wasn’t too sweet but at the same time very rich so it was perfect!! The waffle and the dessert was quite sweet (I’m a sweet tooth myself :P) served in a shiny  silver tray.

If you are not into sweets, this is probably not the place for you. But if you are like me who loves desserts and sweet then you will like this.

Visit their website.

Mink Chocolates (W Hastings) on Urbanspoon


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