Yi-Xin Noodle House 一心麵典

This family run Taiwanese beef noodle house has always been my faouvrite for beef noodle. Their classic beef noodle always sold out by 8pm at night. About an year ago they started to do small desserts and I never got the time to go visit during their tea time (2-5pm). So this other night after having their beef noodle I decided to try out one of their dessert – pudding cake.

With a layer of traditional Taiwanese pudding on top of a pound cake, was so yummy!! The sweet soft pudding combined with the not so sweet pound cake made it a very good combination. Along with some fresh seasonal fruits made the whole cake just the perfect sweetness. I also had it with this honey tea which I didn’t take a photo of but was very good combination. I must go visit again and try out other dessert and tea during their tea hours!!

Location: 4611 Kingsway Ave Burnaby

Hours: (I cannot remember this correctly since they’ve changed it around)

Monday, Sunday Closed

Tues – Sat 11-3, 5-8:30 (3-5 only dessert)

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Faubourg Afternoon Tea

This is the second time I visit, because I saw they server afternoon tea so I thought I would give it a try.

Small Section for Afternoon Tea


I went with a friend this time around 4pm, we ordered the pink afternoon tea sets and I always enjoy afternoon tea because I can try out many different types at once. For tea we got Marco Polo and Vert Provence, I loved the Marco Polo – it is a fruity black tea and tastes great with or without milk.

Purple Tea Set

Marco Polo Tea

The tea set included the following:

The Savoury

Cucumber, roast beef. coriander cream – like the sesames on the bun, but it is a little dry

Smoked salmon and wasabi cream – wasabi and salmon just cannot go wrong

Chicken, apple. country ranch dressing – apple added crunch and freshness to the richness

Scones served with cream and jam – simple apricot jam

Raspberry Soufflé – tastes more like blueberry to me

Raspberry Souffle

Mini Lemon Tart – tried this before and still like it lots

Mini Lemon Tart

Mini  Opéra – I had this at Ganache before, Ganache is better 🙂

Mini Opera

Chocolate mousse – this would is really nothing special

Chocolate Mousse

Parfait – plain yogurt with fresh fruit

Yogurt Parfait

Pastry chef’s suggestion: Apicot Cinnamon Brownie? (brownie without the chocolate)

Cinnamon Apricot Brownie

If you have a smaller appetite I would suggest going early (2pm) for the purple afternoon tea where you can choose 2 items from each category. The decor and environment is great for afternoon tea, though not all items were outstanding. If I go back next time it would be tea with friend or maybe trying out their bistro menu. :9

More info: http://www.faubourg.com/Afternoon-Tea

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Moii Cafe

Small Japanese style crepe place in Kits (2967 W Broadway), I bought a voucher to try at this place so I headed down there on a Thursday morning for breakfast.


The moment I went into the place, I felt like I went to a small town shop by the country side. The decor are vintage and casual, it was cozy almost felt like a country home.

Menu Board


There were only a girl in the restaurant and she came and give us a menu that looked like a children sketch, very cute and homemade feel.


We’ve ordered a hot strawberry red tea to share, apple pecan caramel crepe and crab meat cheddar crepe. The strawberry tea should be made from red tea and strawberry syrup but it tasted really good with the hot red tea. The crepes were chewy and has a light hint of sweetness. The savoury crab meat worked well with cheddar and Japanese mayo, for a moment I was doubting if the crab meat would taste good with cheddar but to my surprise it did. The apple pecan caramel with sprinkles of cinnamon and condensed milk inside made the granny smith apple sour balanced out perfectly. The pecan added texture and crunch to the soft crepe and I enjoyed this one as well.

Strawberry Red Tea

Cheddar Crab Meat

Caramel Apple Pecan

This would probably make a great little place for tea, snack and chat with a friend. 🙂

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Official Website: http://www.faubourg.com/

Went online to Urbanspoon trying to find more dessert places, then I came across of Faubourg. Then it stroke me that I had passed by it many times when doing to Adonia and Secret Garden Tea. So one day I decided to pop by while I was doing my dessert hop.

French fine pastry with beautiful decor, though it is quite busy with energetic ambiance but it is still a great place to have an afternoon snack. Few of the staff had heavy French accents, which adds to the personality of this pastry shop.

I order individual pieces to have. Ordered the lemon tart, raspberry pistachio mille feuilles, latte, cappuccino and these little pastry puffs on the side.

The lemon tart is decorated with these large clumps of sugar (for the first view I thought it was salt :P). The tart is good and not too tardy, the inside filling has two layers – a while sweet foamy texture white center and the concentrated lemon tart/jello type outside. The texture was great from spongy to soft to crunchy, the sour of the lemon balanced well with the sweet foamy center. And the clumps of sugar on the side was great with the lemon as well.

Then mille feuilles was perfectly layered (at least to me), though it could be a messy dessert but the thin crispy layers are finely layered with raspberry and pistachio. I personally didn’t really like the pistachio flavour but enjoyed the texture of the pastry layers, it wasn’t soft and still very crispy. I thoroughly enjoy this dessert.

The little puffs were a sweet little delight, it is basically a puff with their clump sugar which is great! I like the feeling of eating this soft little puff. 🙂

Coffee were not bad, though I am not into coffee so I couldn’t say much.

Oh there is afternoon tea!! I shall visit again some other time. 😀

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Chez Meme Baguette Bistro

It is a very French baguette bistro located on 4016 Hastings Street in the Burnaby north area, the staff are all French (I believe) and they are attentive. I have been there before and tried out the steak baguette, strawberry french toast and the onion soup (I like the onion soup, though it is quite salty).

This time I went over for a quick breakfast with a friend and ordered a special local raspberry French toast with a decaf cappuccino. The raspberry were really fresh and lots of whip cream (I’m not sure but I think the whip cream are from a can), but the toast were really good. They are very soft and not mushy.My friend ordered a chicken and ham sandwich with carrot soup. The soup wasn’t served hot hot (maybe I just like soup really hot) but was very creamy with some special spices (which I cannot make out what it is), the baguette is not as moist as the steak one from time. Tastes great with the horseradish provided. I would recommend trying out the steak baguette if you’re a moist meat type of person. 🙂

They are quite busy and do not take reservation on the weekend, but during the weekday I would still recommend a call before you head over to avoid the wait. They are only open 9-4 M-F and every 2nd Saturday of the month as I remember, but sure is a neighbourhood gem. :9

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