Official Website: http://www.faubourg.com/

Went online to Urbanspoon trying to find more dessert places, then I came across of Faubourg. Then it stroke me that I had passed by it many times when doing to Adonia and Secret Garden Tea. So one day I decided to pop by while I was doing my dessert hop.

French fine pastry with beautiful decor, though it is quite busy with energetic ambiance but it is still a great place to have an afternoon snack. Few of the staff had heavy French accents, which adds to the personality of this pastry shop.

I order individual pieces to have. Ordered the lemon tart, raspberry pistachio mille feuilles, latte, cappuccino and these little pastry puffs on the side.

The lemon tart is decorated with these large clumps of sugar (for the first view I thought it was salt :P). The tart is good and not too tardy, the inside filling has two layers – a while sweet foamy texture white center and the concentrated lemon tart/jello type outside. The texture was great from spongy to soft to crunchy, the sour of the lemon balanced well with the sweet foamy center. And the clumps of sugar on the side was great with the lemon as well.

Then mille feuilles was perfectly layered (at least to me), though it could be a messy dessert but the thin crispy layers are finely layered with raspberry and pistachio. I personally didn’t really like the pistachio flavour but enjoyed the texture of the pastry layers, it wasn’t soft and still very crispy. I thoroughly enjoy this dessert.

The little puffs were a sweet little delight, it is basically a puff with their clump sugar which is great! I like the feeling of eating this soft little puff. 🙂

Coffee were not bad, though I am not into coffee so I couldn’t say much.

Oh there is afternoon tea!! I shall visit again some other time. 😀

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