Moii Cafe

Small Japanese style crepe place in Kits (2967 W Broadway), I bought a voucher to try at this place so I headed down there on a Thursday morning for breakfast.


The moment I went into the place, I felt like I went to a small town shop by the country side. The decor are vintage and casual, it was cozy almost felt like a country home.

Menu Board


There were only a girl in the restaurant and she came and give us a menu that looked like a children sketch, very cute and homemade feel.


We’ve ordered a hot strawberry red tea to share, apple pecan caramel crepe and crab meat cheddar crepe. The strawberry tea should be made from red tea and strawberry syrup but it tasted really good with the hot red tea. The crepes were chewy and has a light hint of sweetness. The savoury crab meat worked well with cheddar and Japanese mayo, for a moment I was doubting if the crab meat would taste good with cheddar but to my surprise it did. The apple pecan caramel with sprinkles of cinnamon and condensed milk inside made the granny smith apple sour balanced out perfectly. The pecan added texture and crunch to the soft crepe and I enjoyed this one as well.

Strawberry Red Tea

Cheddar Crab Meat

Caramel Apple Pecan

This would probably make a great little place for tea, snack and chat with a friend. 🙂

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