Faubourg Afternoon Tea

This is the second time I visit, because I saw they server afternoon tea so I thought I would give it a try.

Small Section for Afternoon Tea


I went with a friend this time around 4pm, we ordered the pink afternoon tea sets and I always enjoy afternoon tea because I can try out many different types at once. For tea we got Marco Polo and Vert Provence, I loved the Marco Polo – it is a fruity black tea and tastes great with or without milk.

Purple Tea Set

Marco Polo Tea

The tea set included the following:

The Savoury

Cucumber, roast beef. coriander cream – like the sesames on the bun, but it is a little dry

Smoked salmon and wasabi cream – wasabi and salmon just cannot go wrong

Chicken, apple. country ranch dressing – apple added crunch and freshness to the richness

Scones served with cream and jam – simple apricot jam

Raspberry Soufflé – tastes more like blueberry to me

Raspberry Souffle

Mini Lemon Tart – tried this before and still like it lots

Mini Lemon Tart

Mini  Opéra – I had this at Ganache before, Ganache is better 🙂

Mini Opera

Chocolate mousse – this would is really nothing special

Chocolate Mousse

Parfait – plain yogurt with fresh fruit

Yogurt Parfait

Pastry chef’s suggestion: Apicot Cinnamon Brownie? (brownie without the chocolate)

Cinnamon Apricot Brownie

If you have a smaller appetite I would suggest going early (2pm) for the purple afternoon tea where you can choose 2 items from each category. The decor and environment is great for afternoon tea, though not all items were outstanding. If I go back next time it would be tea with friend or maybe trying out their bistro menu. :9

More info: http://www.faubourg.com/Afternoon-Tea

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