Giovane Wine Bar

Inside Fairmount Pacific Rim, a verily quite wine bar inside a beautiful hotel by the water. I heard lots of goods about their dessert so I decided that I must go try it out. But of course while I was there I also order other savoury items to try:

Truffled Mushroom & Melted Leek Crostini – Maybe I just love truffle (got this infection from a truffle lover friend of mine) This was yummy, with the very well toasted crunchy crostini.

Then there are the pizzas: Capricciosa and Margheritta

Capricciosa tastes great with the hard boil eggs and artichoke.

Margheritta is average but the fresh basil saved it. šŸ™‚

Both of the pizza crust was just right, not too thin or too thick and not over baked. I loved using it with the extra truffle mushroom dip. :9

Last but not least, the reason why I was there did not disappoint me. My friend told me to try out their Peanut Butter Hedgehog and a black forest on the side. Oh the Hedgehog was so delicious! It was rich of peanut butter with chocolate sponge and ganache and small bits of peanuts, I am drooling just thinking about it again. This little dessert totally made my trip worth. The black forest surprised me, I was trying to figure out what are the red powder. But the chocolate mousse and almond sponge made a perfect couple! There are also bits of Ā almond that gave the dessert so much more texture. I definitely want to try out their other desserts as well during their bakery hours. šŸ™‚

Their official website is here.

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Prince Seafood Restaurant ēŽ‹å­ęµ·é®®é…’家

Went out for dim sum on a cold morning, Prince Seafood Restaurant (2881 Grandview Highway) is a fair price and quality dim sum restaurant close to my home. I love to dim sum on a weekday morning because I can avoid all the line ups and slow service. I have been here a few times so I sort of know what to order.

On my menu: Spinach Scallop Dumpling, Lava Yolk Bun, Steamed Ribs, Fish Roll (these names I made up from my memory)

Spinach Scallop Dumpling

I always have a debate which steamed dumpling to order but I think this is my favourite next to the shrimp one. The skin is chewy and moist with the right amount of stuffings. The spinach gives more juice once you bite into it, I just love scallops so it taste extra great together. šŸ˜›

Lava Yolk Bun

I think there’s another name for this bun, I just cant remember right now. But everytime I come to this place I just needed to order this. It’s liquid duck yolk inside – hot and steamy almost like a lava chocolate cake. It’s savoury instead of sweet but it’s soooo yummy! I just couldn’t resist it.

Steamed Black Bean Ribs

A classic in almost all dim sum places, these are little sweeter than the usual ones but fits just for my taste. šŸ™‚

Deep Fried Soy Skin Fish Roll

This one is my all time favourite also, I just need to order this when I get there. Fish paste with mushrooms and onion in friend tofu skin. This could get oily though, and taste great even after reheating and soft. :9

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WE Coffee

I noticed this place because of a deal website that was featuring them and later one of my friend recommended this place for me so I decided to try it out on a Sunday night. I went after a dinner so I ordered one regular strawberry waffle and a pot of African Rooibos to share between a friend and I.

The decor is modern with only black, white, metal and lots of mirrors which made this small place seems very large and spacious. I am pretty sure the whole place was refurnished and went under renovation because all the furnitures were really new and clean.

The regular portion is a very large portion, almost like a meal size. The waffles were quite packed down therefore sort of gives this heavy cake feeling to the waffles, they were served with fresh strawberries, ice cream and condensed milk by this very adorable and polite server who was very attentive and kept making sure we have hot water in our tea.

African Roobios

And I especially like their tea cups they serve with, I noticed every table has their own matching tea sets in the same color scheme. They look vintage to me. šŸ™‚ But I just love how they were actually one set.

WE Coffee

Strawberry Icecream Waffle

Visit their Facebook website here.

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Heard lots about their beautiful scenic view so I decided to pay a visit there during my birthday. I guess I had it on an unlucky day, it was pouring rain therefore I was unable to see any beautiful view. Service was sort of slow, we had to wait for a while before we actually got our menu and also waited for quite a bit for our food to arrive.

We have ordered seared scallops and fresh oyster to start. They were fresh but that is pretty much I can say about them. I suppose if the seafood is fresh you can’t really go wrong. But it was really nothing special for that price range, almost to a point not worth it. But I have to say the dishes have beautiful presentations.

Fresh Oyster

Seared Scallops

Then it comes to our entrees, crab cakes and swordfish. These ones were on the dry side (maybe I just like my food with a little bit more juice). The crab cakes were really crispy but there wasn’t enough sauce. šŸ˜¦ Since the crab cake was deep fried a bit so it made it really dry (even the inside). The sword fish was very very chewy and again was sort of tasteless and not enough sauce to finish the whole dish. We couldn’t really finish our food since they were so dry (I usually try my best to finish my food).

Crab Cake


Overall I wouldn’t recommend this restaurant (but I heard recently that they had a menu change maybe it’ll be different?!) for this price range of food. I didn’t try out any dessert because nothing excited me on the menu.

Official website here.

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