Heard lots about their beautiful scenic view so I decided to pay a visit there during my birthday. I guess I had it on an unlucky day, it was pouring rain therefore I was unable to see any beautiful view. Service was sort of slow, we had to wait for a while before we actually got our menu and also waited for quite a bit for our food to arrive.

We have ordered seared scallops and fresh oyster to start. They were fresh but that is pretty much I can say about them. I suppose if the seafood is fresh you can’t really go wrong. But it was really nothing special for that price range, almost to a point not worth it. But I have to say the dishes have beautiful presentations.

Fresh Oyster

Seared Scallops

Then it comes to our entrees, crab cakes and swordfish. These ones were on the dry side (maybe I just like my food with a little bit more juice). The crab cakes were really crispy but there wasn’t enough sauce. 😦 Since the crab cake was deep fried a bit so it made it really dry (even the inside). The sword fish was very very chewy and again was sort of tasteless and not enough sauce to finish the whole dish. We couldn’t really finish our food since they were so dry (I usually try my best to finish my food).

Crab Cake


Overall I wouldn’t recommend this restaurant (but I heard recently that they had a menu change maybe it’ll be different?!) for this price range of food. I didn’t try out any dessert because nothing excited me on the menu.

Official website here.

Lift Bar Grill View on Urbanspoon


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