WE Coffee

I noticed this place because of a deal website that was featuring them and later one of my friend recommended this place for me so I decided to try it out on a Sunday night. I went after a dinner so I ordered one regular strawberry waffle and a pot of African Rooibos to share between a friend and I.

The decor is modern with only black, white, metal and lots of mirrors which made this small place seems very large and spacious. I am pretty sure the whole place was refurnished and went under renovation because all the furnitures were really new and clean.

The regular portion is a very large portion, almost like a meal size. The waffles were quite packed down therefore sort of gives this heavy cake feeling to the waffles, they were served with fresh strawberries, ice cream and condensed milk by this very adorable and polite server who was very attentive and kept making sure we have hot water in our tea.

African Roobios

And I especially like their tea cups they serve with, I noticed every table has their own matching tea sets in the same color scheme. They look vintage to me. 🙂 But I just love how they were actually one set.

WE Coffee

Strawberry Icecream Waffle

Visit their Facebook website here.

WE. Coffee on Urbanspoon


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