Prince Seafood Restaurant 王子海鮮酒家

Went out for dim sum on a cold morning, Prince Seafood Restaurant (2881 Grandview Highway) is a fair price and quality dim sum restaurant close to my home. I love to dim sum on a weekday morning because I can avoid all the line ups and slow service. I have been here a few times so I sort of know what to order.

On my menu: Spinach Scallop Dumpling, Lava Yolk Bun, Steamed Ribs, Fish Roll (these names I made up from my memory)

Spinach Scallop Dumpling

I always have a debate which steamed dumpling to order but I think this is my favourite next to the shrimp one. The skin is chewy and moist with the right amount of stuffings. The spinach gives more juice once you bite into it, I just love scallops so it taste extra great together. 😛

Lava Yolk Bun

I think there’s another name for this bun, I just cant remember right now. But everytime I come to this place I just needed to order this. It’s liquid duck yolk inside – hot and steamy almost like a lava chocolate cake. It’s savoury instead of sweet but it’s soooo yummy! I just couldn’t resist it.

Steamed Black Bean Ribs

A classic in almost all dim sum places, these are little sweeter than the usual ones but fits just for my taste. 🙂

Deep Fried Soy Skin Fish Roll

This one is my all time favourite also, I just need to order this when I get there. Fish paste with mushrooms and onion in friend tofu skin. This could get oily though, and taste great even after reheating and soft. :9

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