Al Porto Ristorante

I went to this restaurant many many times and I just couldn’t forget about this hidden gem. Hiding in a small alley way on the tourist must visit Gastown of Vancouver. So as I was starting up this food blog I told myself that I must pay a visit and blog about this gem.

There are always a few must order dishes you just wanted to try at different restaurants, and mussels are one of them for me. So while I was at my favourite restaurant I just needed to get my mussels. 🙂 The tomato broth was so yummy! I have tried mussels somewhere else, the broth can sometimes get really salty but this one was just right. 🙂 There was a daily cream of asparagus soup that was recommended by the server, but it was a little disappointed. Maybe I am not very used to this type of soup, it tasted a bit odd for me.

Their all famous house made pizza is a must order. This time I ordered their Quattro Stagioni, black olives and artichoke and mushrooms are the all time favourites on pizzas. So I just couldn’t resist and ordered one and it did not disappoint me. I was afraid the artichoke would be too salty but this time it wasn’t salty at all. 🙂

For some really odd reason I really like fettuccine and linguine, of course I need to continue my favourites and order cream sauce chicken mushroom sweet pea fettuccine. I am trying not to over praise all their items but the cream sauce wasn’t too much and was just right.

If you don’t like cream sauce you must try out their linguine vongole! White wine clear sauce with clams was my favourite still up until this date. So if you like clear sauce and clams this is definitely a must try!

Last but not least, I must order dessert. So I went with chocolate ganache torte, super rich but that’s how I like my chocolate. 😉


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Thierry Patisserie

If you live in Vancouver, I am sure you have would heard of this new chocolate/pastry cafe of the town. I was first attracted by their front door. Tall dark wood doors with little circle windows, you just couldn’t miss it. A pastry cafe located in downtown will have to live up to expectations, and it surely did. The cafe is beautiful inside, carefully matching wood from the doors to the furnitures.

I know they are quite famous for their macaroons, so I decided to try it out. I went there quite late and most of their macaroons are sold out, so from the remaining I picked passionfruit and mocha. Like most macaroons they were a bit sweeter for my tasting, and I really couldn’t taste the passion fruit. But just looking at macaroons already makes my day that much happier. :”] Compared to other macaroons I have tried in the past, this is indeed not as sweet.

When it comes to cake, I just need coffee or tea. This iced mocha was delicious! Although it was a cold day but still made this coffee very satisfying. It wasn’t too sweet, which I truly liked. They also had an assortment of tea, which my friend ordered.

The tiramisu was very standard, nothing special to it but it wasn’t bad. But I love the dark chocolate pieces on the outside instead of ladys’ fingers. It didn’t make the cake sweeter but added extra texture. :9

If I recall properly this is the chocolate trio, which has three different layers of chocolate mousse. I just couldn’t get enough of mousse, I am (must admit) in love in mousse texture cakes.  I love this trio, was very smooth and rich. Then I also ordered a lime mousse to try it out. In comparison to the chocolate trio, the lime mousse is quite sour but was refreshing. If you are not into sour cakes then this might not be the choice for you.

All the cakes are beautiful and the decor totally adds to the atmosphere. This bakery place opens til late and for sure will become one of the most popular late night dessert places in downtown Vancouver.

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