The Red Wagon Cafe

Never notice this place as I drive through Hasting quite often, upon viewing Urbanspoon I found this brunch spot and the name caught my attention – The Red Wagon. So I decided to pay a visit with a few friends to try out their popular brunch menus.

Upon entering the place, everything looks very vintage and feels like a corner restaurant on a country side.

Of course to fit the theme of red wagon, there are multiple red decorations in the restaurant. So start a cold morning we ordered hot chocolate (came with giant marshmallows!) in a farmer mug, they are jumbo size that usually other use to barbeque. 😛 It was pretty good hot chocolate but of course not the best, but the way it looks fitting with the restaurant is a bonus. 🙂

They have a very small brunch menu but there are few things that stood out along with all other basic brunch items. So let’s start the basics…

Homefries – are small bits of potatoes fried with two scrambled eggs, toasts and bacon. The toast was very yummy, I am not sure if the bread is house made. But the next item is the main character – pulled pork pancakes.

This thing was very yummy, aside from being a bit salty I just love it! The pancakes were soft and sweet with the spicy pulled pork on top was very delicious. Though it could be a very heavy brunch item (I would suggest having it for lunch). There is a burger version of this for dinner and I would recommend it as well. This place is a must try!

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The Browns Social House – Brentwood

I have seen the name many many times as I drive out to work along Lougheed Hwy, then I thought I really should give it a try and I have seen it also on West 4th. So one afternoon I decided to go there for late lunch. As I went in I got this dirty mop smell coming at me, I was sort of disgusted and thought is this place clean…? I stood for a bit before a host come and gave us our seats. Then we were introduced to our very hyper waitress (but it was alright, because she was very friendly).

I have been to the one on Granville Island (was originally called the Cat’s Meow), they have a great burger – Spicy Crispy Chicken Burger so I recommended it to my friend.

Such soft buns with very crispy chicken and very good chilli mayo sauce, fresh lettuce, bacon and jack cheese adding to the whole texture made this a very delicious burger. I am never too into burgers since most of the time I get very soggy lettuce and buns. But this was a good burger.

For myself I ordered the Fire Roasted Tomato Fettuccine with blackened chicken. Oh my the chicken was sooo salty! The whole thing was short of salty but the chicken was crazy. I felt like they just put salt on it and grilled it like that. But the fettuccine was decent but I loved their garlic toast. Oh so yummy. Real garlic powder, basils and thick soft crispy bread. :9 But maybe they burnt the toast a little bit? 😛

Overall it was an average comfort food restaurant. You would expect the same from Cactus or Joey’s. But I hope next time I switch by for a brunch they would not smell like dirty mop.

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Was looking for a last minute eat before heading to my evening class, so noticed this. It is probably one of those very typical bubble tea places in Richmond. As expected, it was.

The waitress came towards us and gave us water, then we sat for a bit before we actually got our menus. Went with honey green tea, beef noodle and “three-cup chicken”.

Wasn’t really honey enough, but will do. I wasn’t picky, was just really hungry and need to eat. The beef noodle soup was mediocre. The soup was very rich but the noodle and the beef really have no flavour at all. Maybe the ingredients and soup were put together when serving. But maybe they should try boiling it together quickly before serving.

The three cup chicken was dry, flavour was ok yet again it wasn’t marinated enough so the chicken has flavour on the outside but not inside.

I would revisit if my friends ask me to go there, other wise I would never recommend this place to anyone. Service wasn’t great, food wasn’t outstanding. The only good thing about this restaurant is that it’s quite, so if you want to eat something quickly without having to wait long this would be the place to be.

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Sajin’s Cafe

Recommended by a friend for a nice afternoon to catch up and indeed a great recommendation!! Met up with a friend for a nice afternoon catch up and she suggested this place to me. Famous for their matcha latte so we went to try. When I arrived I realize I also noticed this ship but never got to go in and try.

With beautiful latte art, I took the first sip. Yummy! It wasn’t too sweet (like Starbucks, Bread Garden or Blenz). It was just a light hint of sweetness and very strong matcha flavour. It was delicious and so smooth. 😉 Next time if I am in the area, I will for sure need a cup of this.

The servers at this cafe are all Japanese and there are a lot of Japanese customers as well. It’s a nice quite place for a chat and a good matcha latte in Downtown. 🙂

Miura Waffle Cafe

Miura locates on the outskirt of Yaletown on 829 Davie Street. I have heard a few peeps talk about this place so I decided to venture with a foodie friend of mine. We arrived to their small but cozy store with Japanese servers. This is a self serve snack bar, so we ordered up front and got our seats. I was feeling very adverturous that day and ordered a tiramisu sando (view their website for definition of sando) and blueberry wasabi yoggy milk (yogurt milk). My friend ordered the cookies and cream.

Since the waffle sandwich is cut into two parts so we did a trade to be able to try it out together.

The photo might not look too appealing but it was good I promise!

The waffles were so soft and warm with the cold vanilla ice cream, coffee jelly, chocolate syrup made it sooooo yummy. This could get messy just to warn you (then later we realize we could have get forks at the end of the shop XD). The cookies and cream was also very yummy. But I just loved the coffee jelly with the ice cream combination in the tiramisu. Next time I should definitely try a savory one.

This was my daring move… It was very interesting! It doesn’t taste bad but if you are daring as me you might want to try this (though I am not sure if this is a special for that day). The blueberry yogurt milk taste like blueberry yogurt milk, but the wasabi totally adds a kick to the whole drink. It gives it an extra taste when you sip down completely. It is hard to describe, you just need to try.

The Well

I found this place when I was there for Burgoos (up the street) and saw thought I would try it out. First I went there for dinner with a few highschool friends for reunion. They have decent dinner menu but that day I just didn’t have my camera and couldn’t log anything. So I went back for brunch as I saw a few reviews about this place.

The Well located at 3048 Main Street (I call that part of Main the little piece of eating heaven). Surrounded by many other great brunch places in that area, this seems to be a very tiny place. I remember when I was there for dinner they had local music artist performing and it was a small little place that you will probably missing if you are walking. The sign is huge but there is no sign that you can really see if you are walking down the street. Not getting off track let’s go back tot he local artist, so I ended up talking to one of the waitress and realize that they feature local artist on a weekly basis. It is a nice add while you are having a casual dinner catching up with soft nice music in the background. The one I heard was pretty good too. I truly enjoyed this little touch.

Let’s talk about the brunch. Couple of times I walk by they were never busy with lots of empty seats therefore I never had to wait more than 2 mins to get seated. Service is usually attentive and friendly. So for the brunch I tried out their Mediterranean Omelette, I suppose you just cannot go wrong with feta cheese and spinach. It was extra yummy with the fresh basil pesto. =9  It is also a very large serving (maybe I just don’t eat very much) that I couldn’t finish and saved it for the next morning.

My friend ordered the gourmet grilled chicken sandwich, I had a little bit to taste and it was very good as well. It came on with mustard pesto bread with rosemary in it. The rosemary brings out the flavour of the mustard, tomato and the chicken. It was a great combination. And they have very nice yummy fries. 😛

But I was sad to see from a update from Urbanspoon that The Well is now closed. 😦 But I shall remember the taste of mustard pesto on rosemary bread!

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I kept hearing from Vij’s and never got a chance to try. So I decided to go down one day with a few girls. Knowing that they do not take any reservations, so I went early to try to wait for a seat. Gosh the waiting time was at least one hour and it was only 6:00pm. So I waited for my friends to come and it was 6:30, we still need to wait for a while so the owner suggested us to go next door: Rangoli

Same owner, he said to me they are similar food but less fine dine; he kept telling me it is also really good. So we went next door instead to avoid the wait. We were seated outside but was provided with blankets to warm our feet. Bright pink decor just makes my dinner so much more merrier. We were also given our pink menus and a very humorous server helped us with our menu selection.

Started with Cauliflower, Spinach, Onion and Potato Pakoras with daal (a dipping sauce). Deep fried on the little oily side, but was very delicious. I also ordered a ginger lemon drink and those two were great combination.

Then we all ordered different type of curry to try:

This was my friend’s dish and I was surprised the lamb wasn’t too too strong (I am not into lamb myself so I just had a bit to taste).

This is my other friend’s dish and was very very good! I loved the mushroom with the curry was very yummy! If I visit next time I must order this one for myself. 🙂 The beet salad on the side was also very yummy. (Or maybe I just love beet. :P)

This was my chicken curry, the sprouts salad was very interesting and very filling. I couldn’t really finish the salad so I went onto the chicken with the curry. The chicken was a bit dry, but with the curry it was just right. Their curry are just so yummy with the rice, I rarely eat a lot of rice but I finished the rice with the curry. 😀

We decided to share a dessert since the whole meal was very very filling. We ended with Rice pudding with almonds and cardamom.  The cardamom added an extra flavouring to the rice pudding. 🙂

Overall I liked the restaurant, good service and good food and good environment. Next time I will want to sit inside and enjoy the pink-ness. 😉

Smoking Dog Bistro 2

This is the second time for me at Smoking Dog Bistro, wanted to go back and see what new items they have gotten on the menu. When I arrived at the restaurant I wasn’t greeted by anyone. I stood in front of their bar for nearly 15 mins and didn’t get seated. Then finally the bartender came and ask for how many I told him I made a reservation for 2. Then he went off doing something else and got confused with another staff for another 10 mins before we got seated. That moment I thought, these people seem very different the last time I came here. We got seated and I looked at the menu, lots of new items! In fact I think the whole menu is different?? The furnitures look different too, maybe they have a new ownership??

We didn’t order any appetizers because we weren’t too hungry. So we went straight to two mains: Daily Special Raspberry Syrup Glazed Salmon and Tiger Prawn Risotto.

I was truly disappointed, maybe it was because I was keeping my hopes up too high from what I have tried last time for lunch. The salmon was very rough and the raspberry syrup looked and tasted more like water soaked with raspberry. I wasn’t really sure what I was eating.

The risotto was a little too salty, prawns were flavourless (well it tastes like prawn steamed). Were they cooked by two different person?? Maybe…

So I thought to myself maybe the dessert will cheer me up!

After asking (I believe is the owner/manager of the restaurant) I decided to try out the Profiteroles – Choux pastry with vanilla gelato and chocolate sauce on top. Choux pastry is basically cream puffs without the cream. I suppose it tasted like a parfait with store bought ice cream. I really don’t think I should have paid nine dollars for this dessert.

I probably will not go back again until I hear from someone they have new ownership. *pouts*

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Top of Vancouver Revolving Restaurant

Top of Vancouver Revolving Restaurant is famous for view in Vancouver BC. But before heading to the restaurant I have already heard from many not to keep my hopes up for the food. Located by Waterfront skytrain station with a revolving platform that allows you to see the whole Downtown Vancouver, the view was beautiful. Luckily we went on a day that wasn’t too cloudy with small rain; we were still able to see the spectacular view. With no hopes in mind, I ordered a few dishes that seems ‘safe’ to me.

Mixed seasonal greens with Tastes like any other seasonal green salad, but I could barely taste the dressing and the greens seems to be not so fresh. My heart sank a little knowing I can make a better salad at home. 😦

Then another appetizer – Smoked Salmon with Crab Croquette. I think they gave us Costco Smoked Salmon that came in a pack. It tasted exactly like it? Short of looks like it also. The crab croquette tasted like a dry crab cake. After this appetizer I was prepared for the worst.

I couldn’t get photos of our mains because it was getting dark and I got busy taking photos of the view. 😛 It was so nice, which totally takes my mind off the not good food I was eating.

We ordered the Duck Trio and Halibut Fillet. Like I said previously I was prepared for the worst, so like expected they don’t taste so good. Both of us couldn’t finish our mains. I have to say I am not a picky eater, I eat all my food even though it doesn’t taste great. But these were just bad. 😦 I didn’t want to complain because it was a special occasion so I was trying to engage in the conversation.

Then we ordered dessert: 

The Strawberry Napoleon was interesting, crispy pastry with fresh strawberries and cream cheese. It wasn’t too too heavy but it is on the sweet side with a light hint of orange brandy and lemon zest made this dessert just balanced out. This pretty much is the only item I will complaint on during this whole visit.

It wasn’t bad. Just like any other tiramisu, nothing special to it. I would suggest that if you are going to Top of Vancouver maybe just do dessert and wine. They have a decent wine collection and not bad dessert with the beautiful view, will be a great way to end any romantic nights. 🙂

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