Top of Vancouver Revolving Restaurant

Top of Vancouver Revolving Restaurant is famous for view in Vancouver BC. But before heading to the restaurant I have already heard from many not to keep my hopes up for the food. Located by Waterfront skytrain station with a revolving platform that allows you to see the whole Downtown Vancouver, the view was beautiful. Luckily we went on a day that wasn’t too cloudy with small rain; we were still able to see the spectacular view. With no hopes in mind, I ordered a few dishes that seems ‘safe’ to me.

Mixed seasonal greens with Tastes like any other seasonal green salad, but I could barely taste the dressing and the greens seems to be not so fresh. My heart sank a little knowing I can make a better salad at home. 😦

Then another appetizer – Smoked Salmon with Crab Croquette. I think they gave us Costco Smoked Salmon that came in a pack. It tasted exactly like it? Short of looks like it also. The crab croquette tasted like a dry crab cake. After this appetizer I was prepared for the worst.

I couldn’t get photos of our mains because it was getting dark and I got busy taking photos of the view. 😛 It was so nice, which totally takes my mind off the not good food I was eating.

We ordered the Duck Trio and Halibut Fillet. Like I said previously I was prepared for the worst, so like expected they don’t taste so good. Both of us couldn’t finish our mains. I have to say I am not a picky eater, I eat all my food even though it doesn’t taste great. But these were just bad. 😦 I didn’t want to complain because it was a special occasion so I was trying to engage in the conversation.

Then we ordered dessert: 

The Strawberry Napoleon was interesting, crispy pastry with fresh strawberries and cream cheese. It wasn’t too too heavy but it is on the sweet side with a light hint of orange brandy and lemon zest made this dessert just balanced out. This pretty much is the only item I will complaint on during this whole visit.

It wasn’t bad. Just like any other tiramisu, nothing special to it. I would suggest that if you are going to Top of Vancouver maybe just do dessert and wine. They have a decent wine collection and not bad dessert with the beautiful view, will be a great way to end any romantic nights. 🙂

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