Smoking Dog Bistro 2

This is the second time for me at Smoking Dog Bistro, wanted to go back and see what new items they have gotten on the menu. When I arrived at the restaurant I wasn’t greeted by anyone. I stood in front of their bar for nearly 15 mins and didn’t get seated. Then finally the bartender came and ask for how many I told him I made a reservation for 2. Then he went off doing something else and got confused with another staff for another 10 mins before we got seated. That moment I thought, these people seem very different the last time I came here. We got seated and I looked at the menu, lots of new items! In fact I think the whole menu is different?? The furnitures look different too, maybe they have a new ownership??

We didn’t order any appetizers because we weren’t too hungry. So we went straight to two mains: Daily Special Raspberry Syrup Glazed Salmon and Tiger Prawn Risotto.

I was truly disappointed, maybe it was because I was keeping my hopes up too high from what I have tried last time for lunch. The salmon was very rough and the raspberry syrup looked and tasted more like water soaked with raspberry. I wasn’t really sure what I was eating.

The risotto was a little too salty, prawns were flavourless (well it tastes like prawn steamed). Were they cooked by two different person?? Maybe…

So I thought to myself maybe the dessert will cheer me up!

After asking (I believe is the owner/manager of the restaurant) I decided to try out the Profiteroles – Choux pastry with vanilla gelato and chocolate sauce on top. Choux pastry is basically cream puffs without the cream. I suppose it tasted like a parfait with store bought ice cream. I really don’t think I should have paid nine dollars for this dessert.

I probably will not go back again until I hear from someone they have new ownership. *pouts*

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