I kept hearing from Vij’s and never got a chance to try. So I decided to go down one day with a few girls. Knowing that they do not take any reservations, so I went early to try to wait for a seat. Gosh the waiting time was at least one hour and it was only 6:00pm. So I waited for my friends to come and it was 6:30, we still need to wait for a while so the owner suggested us to go next door: Rangoli

Same owner, he said to me they are similar food but less fine dine; he kept telling me it is also really good. So we went next door instead to avoid the wait. We were seated outside but was provided with blankets to warm our feet. Bright pink decor just makes my dinner so much more merrier. We were also given our pink menus and a very humorous server helped us with our menu selection.

Started with Cauliflower, Spinach, Onion and Potato Pakoras with daal (a dipping sauce). Deep fried on the little oily side, but was very delicious. I also ordered a ginger lemon drink and those two were great combination.

Then we all ordered different type of curry to try:

This was my friend’s dish and I was surprised the lamb wasn’t too too strong (I am not into lamb myself so I just had a bit to taste).

This is my other friend’s dish and was very very good! I loved the mushroom with the curry was very yummy! If I visit next time I must order this one for myself. 🙂 The beet salad on the side was also very yummy. (Or maybe I just love beet. :P)

This was my chicken curry, the sprouts salad was very interesting and very filling. I couldn’t really finish the salad so I went onto the chicken with the curry. The chicken was a bit dry, but with the curry it was just right. Their curry are just so yummy with the rice, I rarely eat a lot of rice but I finished the rice with the curry. 😀

We decided to share a dessert since the whole meal was very very filling. We ended with Rice pudding with almonds and cardamom.  The cardamom added an extra flavouring to the rice pudding. 🙂

Overall I liked the restaurant, good service and good food and good environment. Next time I will want to sit inside and enjoy the pink-ness. 😉


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