The Well

I found this place when I was there for Burgoos (up the street) and saw thought I would try it out. First I went there for dinner with a few highschool friends for reunion. They have decent dinner menu but that day I just didn’t have my camera and couldn’t log anything. So I went back for brunch as I saw a few reviews about this place.

The Well located at 3048 Main Street (I call that part of Main the little piece of eating heaven). Surrounded by many other great brunch places in that area, this seems to be a very tiny place. I remember when I was there for dinner they had local music artist performing and it was a small little place that you will probably missing if you are walking. The sign is huge but there is no sign that you can really see if you are walking down the street. Not getting off track let’s go back tot he local artist, so I ended up talking to one of the waitress and realize that they feature local artist on a weekly basis. It is a nice add while you are having a casual dinner catching up with soft nice music in the background. The one I heard was pretty good too. I truly enjoyed this little touch.

Let’s talk about the brunch. Couple of times I walk by they were never busy with lots of empty seats therefore I never had to wait more than 2 mins to get seated. Service is usually attentive and friendly. So for the brunch I tried out their Mediterranean Omelette, I suppose you just cannot go wrong with feta cheese and spinach. It was extra yummy with the fresh basil pesto. =9  It is also a very large serving (maybe I just don’t eat very much) that I couldn’t finish and saved it for the next morning.

My friend ordered the gourmet grilled chicken sandwich, I had a little bit to taste and it was very good as well. It came on with mustard pesto bread with rosemary in it. The rosemary brings out the flavour of the mustard, tomato and the chicken. It was a great combination. And they have very nice yummy fries. 😛

But I was sad to see from a update from Urbanspoon that The Well is now closed. 😦 But I shall remember the taste of mustard pesto on rosemary bread!

The Well on Urbanspoon


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