Miura Waffle Cafe

Miura locates on the outskirt of Yaletown on 829 Davie Street. I have heard a few peeps talk about this place so I decided to venture with a foodie friend of mine. We arrived to their small but cozy store with Japanese servers. This is a self serve snack bar, so we ordered up front and got our seats. I was feeling very adverturous that day and ordered a tiramisu sando (view their website for definition of sando) and blueberry wasabi yoggy milk (yogurt milk). My friend ordered the cookies and cream.

Since the waffle sandwich is cut into two parts so we did a trade to be able to try it out together.

The photo might not look too appealing but it was good I promise!

The waffles were so soft and warm with the cold vanilla ice cream, coffee jelly, chocolate syrup made it sooooo yummy. This could get messy just to warn you (then later we realize we could have get forks at the end of the shop XD). The cookies and cream was also very yummy. But I just loved the coffee jelly with the ice cream combination in the tiramisu. Next time I should definitely try a savory one.

This was my daring move… It was very interesting! It doesn’t taste bad but if you are daring as me you might want to try this (though I am not sure if this is a special for that day). The blueberry yogurt milk taste like blueberry yogurt milk, but the wasabi totally adds a kick to the whole drink. It gives it an extra taste when you sip down completely. It is hard to describe, you just need to try.


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