Was looking for a last minute eat before heading to my evening class, so noticed this. It is probably one of those very typical bubble tea places in Richmond. As expected, it was.

The waitress came towards us and gave us water, then we sat for a bit before we actually got our menus. Went with honey green tea, beef noodle and “three-cup chicken”.

Wasn’t really honey enough, but will do. I wasn’t picky, was just really hungry and need to eat. The beef noodle soup was mediocre. The soup was very rich but the noodle and the beef really have no flavour at all. Maybe the ingredients and soup were put together when serving. But maybe they should try boiling it together quickly before serving.

The three cup chicken was dry, flavour was ok yet again it wasn’t marinated enough so the chicken has flavour on the outside but not inside.

I would revisit if my friends ask me to go there, other wise I would never recommend this place to anyone. Service wasn’t great, food wasn’t outstanding. The only good thing about this restaurant is that it’s quite, so if you want to eat something quickly without having to wait long this would be the place to be.

Chiffon Chinese Cuisine on Urbanspoon


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