The Browns Social House – Brentwood

I have seen the name many many times as I drive out to work along Lougheed Hwy, then I thought I really should give it a try and I have seen it also on West 4th. So one afternoon I decided to go there for late lunch. As I went in I got this dirty mop smell coming at me, I was sort of disgusted and thought is this place clean…? I stood for a bit before a host come and gave us our seats. Then we were introduced to our very hyper waitress (but it was alright, because she was very friendly).

I have been to the one on Granville Island (was originally called the Cat’s Meow), they have a great burger – Spicy Crispy Chicken Burger so I recommended it to my friend.

Such soft buns with very crispy chicken and very good chilli mayo sauce, fresh lettuce, bacon and jack cheese adding to the whole texture made this a very delicious burger. I am never too into burgers since most of the time I get very soggy lettuce and buns. But this was a good burger.

For myself I ordered the Fire Roasted Tomato Fettuccine with blackened chicken. Oh my the chicken was sooo salty! The whole thing was short of salty but the chicken was crazy. I felt like they just put salt on it and grilled it like that. But the fettuccine was decent but I loved their garlic toast. Oh so yummy. Real garlic powder, basils and thick soft crispy bread. :9 But maybe they burnt the toast a little bit? 😛

Overall it was an average comfort food restaurant. You would expect the same from Cactus or Joey’s. But I hope next time I switch by for a brunch they would not smell like dirty mop.

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