The Red Wagon Cafe

Never notice this place as I drive through Hasting quite often, upon viewing Urbanspoon I found this brunch spot and the name caught my attention – The Red Wagon. So I decided to pay a visit with a few friends to try out their popular brunch menus.

Upon entering the place, everything looks very vintage and feels like a corner restaurant on a country side.

Of course to fit the theme of red wagon, there are multiple red decorations in the restaurant. So start a cold morning we ordered hot chocolate (came with giant marshmallows!) in a farmer mug, they are jumbo size that usually other use to barbeque. 😛 It was pretty good hot chocolate but of course not the best, but the way it looks fitting with the restaurant is a bonus. 🙂

They have a very small brunch menu but there are few things that stood out along with all other basic brunch items. So let’s start the basics…

Homefries – are small bits of potatoes fried with two scrambled eggs, toasts and bacon. The toast was very yummy, I am not sure if the bread is house made. But the next item is the main character – pulled pork pancakes.

This thing was very yummy, aside from being a bit salty I just love it! The pancakes were soft and sweet with the spicy pulled pork on top was very delicious. Though it could be a very heavy brunch item (I would suggest having it for lunch). There is a burger version of this for dinner and I would recommend it as well. This place is a must try!

The Red Wagon on Urbanspoon


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