Footo Delight

Saw this place from a foodie friends’ post, so I went down to try it out. It was a rainy cold day and I was very excited to try Footo – Fresh Out of The Oven croissants that everyone is talking about! Upon entrance I like their logo already. πŸ˜›


When we got in the owners were busy with a designer/photographer, they were discussing about photos and files etc. They were a little too busy to deal with us…

The interior is a very clean place, you can smell the fresh bakery filled the air. I had already lunch so this is a light snack, so I decided to go with a chocolate croissant and a matcha latte. After ordering the food, we didn’t know where to sit. The store has two sitting areas and they were both piled with files from the guest. The owner had to quickly remove a few things for us to sit down. Then very quickly we got our croissant and latte. Then I thought, wow that was fast.

Matcha tastes good, but of course it cannot be compared to Sajin’s. But it was a decent matcha latte. πŸ™‚

Then the most anticipated croissant… It’s not warm! 😦 I was so disappointed the moment I touched it. I was expecting a warm croissant, it was cold just the weather. The croissant was good, very flaky and soft inside. Wasn’t overly sweet for the chocolate, it’s just I was wishing it to be warm. I asked my friend what he thinks and he said, “I was expecting a warm croissant… from their company name.” Exactly what I thought, especially after reading all the reviews from others. If I am ever in the area and need a snack bite I might pop in there again, otherwise I wouldn’t purposely go there.

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