CinCin (Dine Out Vancouver)

I thought I would give this one another try. I only tried this once a couple years ago during Dine Out Vancouver with a few friends. Few of my friends claimed that they would never visit the restaurant again. I thought back then it wasn’t that bad.

So this year I went with a different group of friends and gladly they have different menu items from the last time I checked. As I entered the restaurant once again it is a very energetic restaurant, crowded with customers. This is one of those restaurants that you MUST reserve otherwise they will tell you they are fully booked (can’t even wait for a seat type of pack). [To my friends it is a bit noisy, you will need to talk a little louder to your friends across the table.]

For my set I have ordered grilled tofino octopus, chorizo sausage, saffron potatoes and salsa verde. The octopus was very chewy, sausage was a bit salty but the potatoes are very delicious. I liked this appie, I couldn’t really tell I am eating octopus though. 😛

Friend’s cream of garlic soup – oh if you love garlic you will love this soup. Was so so yummy and a mouth full of garlic. :9

Then I ordered the braciola di maiale – wood spit roasted pork chop, guanciale braised cabbage, pork cheek cappelletti with apple cider puree and fennel pollen. I know this might not look very appetizing but it is a good dish. Although because it is straight meat so it filled me up very quickly.

My friend ordered rigatoni con cardi e noce – house made parsley rigatoni with cardoons, walnuts, fontina, vegetable nage and baby spinach. The taste was great, I really liked the right amount of saltness to this pasta. But sadly I had three friends who ordered it and all of them had not fully cooked pasta. 😦 The taste is good but not cooked pasta is just no good.

Dessert – my most anticipated course. 😛 We decided to order one of each to try it all out.

Tiramisu – very very rich coffee liquor and not the traditional shape. I liked it.

Pear Panacotta – pear in a pudding, a little bland without the caramel pastry but with it made the dessert just right.

Caramel Apple Cake – oh this was very very yummy, wasn’t overly sweet like most caramel items.

Service was alright, I had to ask for hot water twice before I actually got it. And for some really odd reason the waiter just never came back to fill my hot water where he kept filling my cold water glass. But he made sure my friend enjoyed his dinner (the not cooked pasta).

I probably would revisit for dessert. 🙂

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