2011 Beauty Search

I’ve always love dining out at new interesting places, especially if the decor and atmosphere interests me. Here are the top ten must visit restaurants in Vancouver BC (Not in any particular order):

1. Marche St. George (St George and E 28th)

This is definitely a neighborhood gem. Adorable rustic French corner store/cafe located in a quite neighborhood off Main Street. Black chalk board menus, vintage silver wares, glass jars and wood furniture covered with fur rugs to add the home-y touch. Since it is a small corner store, there are seats outside of the store and it’s a perfect way to enjoy a beautiful afternoon.

2. Sophie’s Cosmic Cafe (2095 West 4TH Ave)

If you have been to this cafe you will know why this is on the list, with large amount of retro signs, toys, painting, posters and photographs from the 50s all over the whole restaurants walls. Place mats on the table where you can paint and sketch and pops of vintage colours all over the restaurant. You will almost felt like you went into a retro diner.

3. Oru Cuisine (Inside Fairmont Pacific Rim by Canada Place)

You will fall in love with the beautiful origami paper look light that stretches from the lounge all the way up the to restaurant. This Japanese fusion restaurant in Fairmont Pacific Rim adds a nice touch to this relatively new hotel by the harbour. At night you will be able to see these beautiful globe from Canada Convention Centre right across.

4. West Restaurant and Bar (2881 Grandville Street)

One of the Araxi food group of lower mainland located by the Grandville area. Maybe I am just a sucker for hanging decor :P, this restaurant has this swirly reflective hanging from their ceiling with lots of mirrors and symetrical patterns all over the restaurant. With a nice warm orange on the walls and red chairs gave it a beautiful color harmony.


5. Salade de Fruits (1551 West 7th)

A nice french bistro that serves full entrees without the fancy attire, but the decor will make you feel you’re in France to the fullest. French street signs and labels across tables and walls of the restaurant with playful servers with French accents. The energetic servers and owners definitely adds a French touch to the whole restaurant, you’ll for sure have a great time there.

6. Top of Vancouver Restaurant (555 West Hastings Street)

For sure everyone would think of Top of Vancouver or Cloud 9 when it comes to breath taking views, what beats being high up and see the whole Vancouver in a 360 revolving restaurant? Now I must say this restaurant other than its view and service, the food isn’t just that worth going for. But you just need to see the view up there at night, it is just so beautiful especially after a glass of wine. 🙂

7. Chop Steakhouse Richmond (10251 St Edwards Dr)

There are many Chops across BC, and of course I haven’t been to all. But the decor of the Richmond one is fantastic. First of all, it’s really clean and dim is the first thing I noticed. It uses bold big decor with these very beautiful soft hanging lamp at each table to create this almost eating the stars atmosphere. I just cannot take my eyes off all those beautiful lamps in this dim restaurant.

[Cannot find a photo online, but should def visit and take some good ones. ;)]

8. Brix (1138 Homer Street)

Another restaurant that has a outdoor area to sit in. I actually went to this restaurant during winter, but the open garden area was well protected with heavy drapes and warmed with lots of heaters. Through the sunroof I can see the stars but feeling very warm inside the heavy drapes, with vines and outdoor furniture having the dinner right there just made it so perfect.

9. Joey’s Restaurant Burrard (820 Burrard & Robson)

Surprised? Yes I was too. When I went to this Joey’s I couldn’t believe I was at Joey’s! The waiting area is so beautiful with pure white sofas and beautiful wallpaper on the ceiling. The wine rack is so large that it completely takes up one wall but created this eye catching point to the restaurant. With the dim restaurant and illuminated walls give the restaurant a futuristic look touched with modern furniture. Once again I just LOVED their sofas.

10. Thierry (1059 Alberni St)

This modern pastry is the talk of the town, I was attracted by its entrance. Full length dark wood doors with little circle windows that just makes you want to look more! When I walk in I just love how the whole place is dark wood (makes you think of chocolate), and marble counter (oh so fancy). It’s just so pretty I couldn’t resist sitting down and have a coffee instead of ordering to go.

Hope you enjoyed my little ventures (of course I haven’t visit everywhere, so if you know any good places please let me know!) 😀


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