Bistro Pastis

Decided to try out this French bistro with a few good friends of mine for Dine Out Vancouver 2012. Bistro Pastis located towards the further end of West 4th Vancouver – famous for being an authentic French bistro. Loving French cuisine, I must give this a try.

Since these are dine out menus, we tried out the asparagus(?) soup and pate. The soup was pretty good (but it wasn’t my dish). My pate was a little too dry, it doesn’t fill like normal pate that I usually have…

For my main, I have selected a steak. I liked how they have cut the steak into small slices. However that is not my favourite item on that dish, my favourite item is the potato! It is layered with butter I believe, but what ever is going on with the potato. I love it. 😀

My friend tried out the duck and the trout. The duck was pretty tender with very good beans. If you are into ducks, you should give one a try.

Last but not least, the dessert.

Crepe and chocolate mousse – I would have to say this restaurant seems to do their dessert a little above average. Both of these items were pretty tasty.

The chocolate mousse was very very rich but without being too sweet. But since it is a very sweet dessert, non of us were able to finish it. The crepe I tried a bit with apple caramel was also very delicious with very nice soft crepe.

This restaurant rates an above average to me, but wasn’t worth the price I will have to say. Maybe it would be a little better not during dine out times? I will probably pop by later to have a dessert and see if it will change my mind.

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