Toshi Sushi

Located on corner of E 16th and Main Street. This little hidden gem has a line up for a reason. I went there after hearing a few things from my friends after I noticed it always being closed when I passed by (I often pass by the area during the afternoon), they open for only very short hours per week – Something along the line of 5-10 five days a week? I can’t remember clearly. So I visited for a friend’s birthday.

We started with calamari and seaweed salad. The calamari wasn’t one of those typical ones full of batter and gets you full because you are eating all the batter, and they weren’t crispy. They were lighly frieds with little batter and served with mayo. This was not bad, at least I didn’t feel too grossed out after eating this. But if you are looking for a crispy calamari, this wouldn’t be the one to order. Salad wasn’t what I was having in mind… I was expecting the whole salad made of seaweed. We got a salad with seaweed on top. The dressing was good, but maybe it would taste better if the whole salad is actually seaweed? 😛

Going to any sushi places, you just need to order sashimi, because this can easily reveal if the restaurant serves good and fresh food. We ordered the sockeye salmon, a little less fat but was nice and tender. And it wasn’t freezing cold, I notice too many sushi restaurant trying to keep their raw fish fresh they freeze it. But without defrosting it too much they serve it to the customer. These sashimi was at room temperature. Wasn’t cut into very large pieces, size was just right.

Almost at most sushi place I always order chipped scallop roll and negitoro. My favourites. The scallop was interestingly chewy. Wasn’t too too chewy, but it wasn’t very very soft either. Which surprised me a little bit. The negitoro was fresh and so yummy. :9

These are the house roll (I believe) and the tobiko sushi. I normally are not into the large tobiko (I think there’s another name for it, I just can’t remember at the moment. Reason is because they are usually too salty and too fishy….. (haha yes I know :P)  But these ones were not salty and not too fishy, but has a great pop in your mouth for sure. I actually didn’t mind it at all.

Overall the restaurant was busy but wasn’t overly noisy with attentive and polite service. Everyone working in the restaurant are authentic Japanese. (At least I think they are because they kept speaking Japanese to each other.)

If you ever is around the area, this is a great little sushi place. I would revisit. But I would suggest one person go a little earlier to wait for a seat, because it’ll take a while.
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