Sweet Revenge

Haven’t been there for a while. I came here about two years ago on a Valentine’s evening. This time I revisited again for a friend’s birthday, the decor hasn’t changed a bit. I still love the vintage look to the restaurant, the redness tint – this feels like grandma’s home. And I just love it. ❤  Sweet Revenge is located 4160 Main Street (between 25th & 26th). It is a little dark one, so pay attention if you are driving.

Since we didn’t have a large dinner, we had more room for dessert. So I have ordered a lavender latte and Sweet Revenge Cake.

(Sorry for the dark images, it is very very dark inside and I didn’t want to go crazy with flash.) The latte was good, I also requested some honey on the side (because that’s usually the sweetener I use for my tea). Though I felt like the lavender flavour could be much stronger (personal preference). Maybe because lavenders are very tiny, they kept sneaking through the presser and into my tea. I kept drinking bits of lavender in my latte. 😛

The Sweet Revenge cake is a torte-like cake, very very rich and dense, coated with dark chocolate ganache. If you are not into chocolate or very sweet dessert, I wouldn’t recommend this one. I thought I would give it a try because it is trademarked by them. I couldn’t finish this dessert because it was very heavy. But was very smooth and chocolatey. 🙂

This is the hot chocolate my friend ordered with whipped cream, was very very sweet also. But was smooth. The whipped cream however sort of tasted like canned whipped cream.

The Smooth Operator, I had this before the first time I visited. So I recommended it to my friend. This is a very yummy one.

“”Fresh raspberries and mascarpone cheese with whipped cream, layered over raspberry liqueur-soaked chocolate sponge cake, sprinkled with white chocolate shavings and drizzled with raspberry coulis.”” – Sweet Revenge

It is exactly like it is described and look, the layering and the liquor made this cake very good. Fluffy and has fresh raspberry and cheese. :9 If I ever visit again I would recommend this to others again. 🙂

And another great thing about this dessert place, it opens late! But cannot make reservation on weekends. (I have made it once for my friends and I ended up not being able to make it, they are very very strict on all guests must arrive at the same time before seating you. So pay attention to that.)

Go indulge when you have a sweet tooth craving. 😉

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One thought on “Sweet Revenge

  1. Sweet Revenge Patisserie!

    NOT such a sweet experience!

    They charged us a 15% of gratuity because we spilt bill 3 ways between 4 people, but waiter didn’t tell us! When we went to pay the bill we asked why, the manager said its in their menu, but their menu only say the group of 6 or more will charge 15%. The guy said it’s in their other menu! What!? Hello! you only have one menu that we saw!

    Then when I paid he rounds my bill off the nearest 10 cents (to the restaurants benefit) and short changes me another few pennies?

    I WON’T go back to here again!!!! The people who management this restaurant is not honest!

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