Accord Food House (一心麵典) – Afternoon Tea

Recently found out this restaurant is named Accord Food House! Anyways previously I mentioned about their afternoon tea (3pm-5pm). So I did go back and visit during their afternoon dessert time.

Sorbet made in house served with fresh fruits – sorbet flavours: strawberry, passionfruit and orange. I would have to say I loved the orange! It is very tangy and fresh!! It almost taste exactly like the real orange next to it. 😛 And of course the whole plate looks great with all these colorful fruits. 🙂

Palace Garden Earl Grey Tea Latte – well i always loved earl grey tea latte, but this palace garden mix earl grey is very delicious. Full of beautiful floral scents in every sip, if you are into floral tea just like me you will for sure like this one. 🙂

Caramel pudding milk tea – if you remember my previous post of their pudding cake, this pudding in the milk tea is that pudding. Ever so soft pudding! With a little burnt caramel flavour made it very unique indeed. IF you don’t mind the burnt caramel flavour, this is great to try! 🙂

I always love this place, will visit again soon. 😀

Yi Xing Mian Dian (Noodle House) on Urbanspoon
Accord Food House 一心麵典 on Urbanspoon


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