Notice this place every time you pass by on Davie Street in Yaletown? From the outside, this little European looking fry shop always caught my attention. I never actually went in until a friend recommend it to me.  So I went down with a couple of friends before a Halloween downtown mystery tour.

Fritz at 718 Davie Street Downtown Vancouver, you will notice because it looks quite unique in the Yaletown area.

So how does it all work? You pick size of fries you like and then you pick a dip. They have a large collection of drip to choose from. I would suggest if you go with friends you can order a jumbo size fry and few dips to taste. There isn’t much seating areas, so a group no larger than 4 would be great.

One thing I found quite interesting is the furniture, because they are designed to let their cones of fry sit perfectly in the table and chair arms.

As you can see from the photo, you can put up to 5 dips around the fries! 🙂 We got a Jalapeno Mustard dip with our fries, so strong jalapeno! But wasn’t too spicy, just a great kick of scent, I really enjoyed the dip.

The fries were quite normal, but they were on the larger size so very easy to scoop some dip. 😛 They are the perfect crispy without too much salt – which I liked. 🙂

We also got a chicken poutine, very good as well. The gravy was quite salty, but overall a yummy poutine. But I know a lot of good poutine places in Vancouver as well.

I would recommend this joint for a quick stop if you are in the area with a few friends. Made you feel that you went to Europe for a quick 20 mins. 😉

Fritz European Fry House on Urbanspoon


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