House of Tofu Soup

The first time I visit this very small restaurant on North Road off the Korean Plaza on Lougheed Hwy was about five to six years ago. I kept telling myself I need to revisit because the food was really great, then I moved out of the area and didn’t find the time to go back until recently with a few friends.

This is however the first time I have visited with a Korean friend to communicate with the workers there (They are all Korean with limited English skills). However the servers are very friendly and will explain things to you when you ask.

Since my brother and I both had a small dinner already so we ordered a combo to share – Bulgogi and Tofu Soup Combo. Their combos allow you to choose different types of meant for bulgogi and the soup. Also comes with large amount of unlimited side dishes that you may ask for refill.

I always love kimchi and would always have a small bucket in my fridge to go along with my noodles or rice. Their kimchi is like the classic ones, very delicious. The mash potatoes are also very good. If you like radish, you will like the marinated ones there! (They also remind me of the ones that my uncle makes at home, so yummy!! :9)

Here’s the soup with beef, you add in the egg they provide you while it’s hot. If you cannot handle spicy, I would suggest mild or white (no spicy). Even mild is quite spicy for me already. The soup is very concentrated with lots of flavours, goes great with the rice they provide  you.

We ordered chicken Bulgogi, just couldn’t go wrong. 😛 I would say this restaurant is generally verily good and along with very reasonable prices makes it a great place to visit if you do live around the area. They have many other food choices that I would recommend such as Seafood Pancake and Dduk Bbok Ki (spicy stir fried Korean rice cake).

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