Cafe Medina

If you have a spare weekend morning and don’t mind line ups, please do visit. (They take reservations during weekdays.) This cafe is famous and known to be the same ownership as Chambar next door.

Been here before I came early to get a seat while waiting for my girlfriend. The line wasn’t too bad maybe because I came early (9:30am), I recall waiting for about 20mins or so. But I bumped into a friend so I had a chat while I waited. But it is worth the wait for a seat in their beautiful loft and their delicious food.

I tried out their raspberry latte last time, so I ordered it again.

It has a nice sweet raspberry fragrant and I don’t have to ask for it to be less sweet. It was the right sweet for me.

Since we are both small eaters, we decided to share a L’Omelette du Matin and two waffles. I have asked for the seasonal one, with season vegetables with grilled foccacia. The omelette was served in a skillet, nice and hot. Another great thing about the skillet is that it keeps the omelette warm the whole time you are enjoying it. This one I tried this time had this really nice spice in it, but I couldn’t make out what it is. The foccacia was so fluffy and soft and a great strong garlic aroma. :9

Their waffles are to died for, if you live around the neighbourhood. You can definitely pop by for waffles take out, they only have limited amount everyday, so go early! They have variety of dips to choose from, depending on your mood. But their waffles are the right amount of softness and chewiness. Yes chewy. 🙂 I have tried out many waffles that are very nice and fluffy, but this one is really really good! It has to be favourite in the whole lower mainland right now. Too bad it is really far from where I live, otherwise it will be a nice easy take out breakfast for me.

They have short operation hours, so be sure to check out their hours before visiting @ Medina Cafe.

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2 thoughts on “Cafe Medina

    • I would say average wait time would be 20-30mins, if you are just getting the waffles then it’s just at the entrance and will be served verily quickly. 🙂

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