Soirette Macarons & Tea

From a recommendation of a friend I decided to go and give it a try. I was crossing my fingers to not get anything that is going to be overly sweet that seems to be very common in Vancouver.

Close to the Canada Place, we took a walk down from Robson. It was a nice day so it was a nice walk also. I was afraid I miss it since I am thinking in my head it will be a very small store. It is a very small store, but the decor is not be missed. I noticed it right away as I walked down the street, it’s the only cute little blue shop on the strip. I went and I loved the decor even more! So cute!! The place was fully packed! I was really hoping to finally sit down after the walk  and enjoy a cup of tea latte and some macarons. So I had to order to go.

The take out box was very adorable matching well with the interior decor. I was excited like a little girl as I open it at home, I felt like I was opening a present!! There is also a little card inside that explains about all the flavours.

I have ordered the rose – so pretty in pink and comes with a very gentle scent.

I also ask the very polite server to help me pick out a few good and popular ones such as lemon,  malibu, vanilla, maple and passion fruit. I would have to say I really liked the lemon, very refreshing! Overall this is the least sweet macarons I have tasted. My 2nd favourite would be the maple (was sweet but not unbearable) however the scent is great.

Texture for these macarons are also very good. I would recommend this place for a nice catch up or a very casual date. 🙂

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