Planned a visit a while back but didn’t make it at the end, so I have made it finally!! Sushimoto is right underneath of the Holdem Skytrain Station in Burnaby (Only 5 mins drive away from my place! :D). I went with a bunch of ex co-workers, the place is small/medium with very interesting decor. Full of Japanese action figures across the bar, with a rustic overall feeling. I absolutely loved it! This little sushi place is ran by Koreans (judging from the staff), they are all very young.

I felt like sashimi that day so I have ordered a chirashi-don (sashimi on sushi rice).  My friends ordered assorted types of rolls and appetizers which pretty good (I had chipmunk bites from them). My chirashi-don was very good as well, the sashimi are very fresh. Was brought to the right tempeture before serving.

The kitchen kept giving us items on the house – spring rolls, grilled salmon (which was so nice and tender :9), salad. They were all very good, I especially liked the spring rolls.

However I would say the service was slow at times, it seems quite hard to get attention of the staff. But overall I liked the food and the decor. I would definitely revisit with a few friends for a casual night out. 🙂

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