Been venturing to a lot of sushi places lately. 😛 But really Vancouver is full of them! This stop is Sushiholic.  You will notice this little sushi place as you drive down Lougheed which turns into E Broadway cross street with Rupert, it will be on your right side. I live only less than 10 mins drive from this place, always pass by it and finally stopped and try it out.

It is a small little place, it gets quite busy during dinner hours. We arrived sometime around 5:45pm, therefore no waiting. As we got seated I notice this place is run by Koreans, the decor is quite new and clean.

Taking a look at the menu, this roll got my attention: Awesome roll. I wasn’t attracted by the name, I was attracted by the photo. You will see what I mean below.

Oh yea, just by the look of it. It looks pretty awesome. Crab meat, avocado, cucumber, masago, baked salmon and super thin yam fries on top. I really like the yam fries totally made the sushi so much better. As we all know many sushis are quite soft without much various types of textures. But these little yam fries give it the crisp and it was very yummy!! I really liked it, the flavours are right and the texture is great.

Here is the rainbow roll, beautiful colors with six different kinds of fish on top with crab meat, avocado and cucumber inside. This roll is also very good, their raw fish is fresh. It is great if you want to try out different types of fish sushi without having three pieces of each. This will allow you to get a bit of everything.

The Red roll – chopped scallop with mayo, cucumber and spicy tuna. I always order chopped scallop in every sushi places. With spicy tuna was just perfect for my tasting. There are also these little crispy bits on top, which I couldn’t make out what it is. But once again great little texture change to the sushi. 🙂

Overall I enjoyed the sushi at this place, however the service was at times awkward. Why I say that is because when the waitress serve food, she doesn’t put them on the centre of the table. She puts it right beside my friend towards the edge of the table and goes away. I didn’t understand why she had to do that when the restaurant wasn’t that busy and maybe there wasn’t enough room but just need to move a few things. She just didn’t even try. I would revisit and maybe hope that I don’t get the same waitress! 😛

Sushiholic Japanese Restaurant. on Urbanspoon


One thought on “Sushiholic

  1. I live two blocks from Sushiholic and eat there all the time! Like other Korean places, the “spicy” stuff is really quite spicy, but the quality is quite good I think. The fancy rolls seems a bit expensive, but at least the presentation is really nice.

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