Havana Restaurant and Gallery

Havana locates at the end of Commerical Drive (towards all the vintage stores). I never go down to that area, but knows about their strip of vintage shops. So I thought I would go for a nice Sunday morning brunch then visit all the shops. 🙂

I wish I have photos of the decor, I really like the way the restaurant look and feel. Everything so rustic, and a gallery right next to the restaurant.

Wasn’t really hungry so I ordered a yogurt parfait and my friend got a hashbrown breakfast combo.


Like any other yogurt parfait, I really don’t know what type of difference it really makes eating it anywhere else. But to add a note, the items are fresh. Therefore made it a good parfait. I was craving for granola, so it was good enough for me.


Hashbrowns were a bit dry, but I guess all hasbrowns are generally dry. 😛 Toast was good though! It also comes with a mushroom omelette. Was a bit watery, feels like something I sort of fail at making at home. But the taste was alright.

I would have to say, the food is decent. But for the price I am paying for, I just really don’t know if it is worth the price. I guess the decor makes up for it. It was quite a busy morning, so service was a little slow and we waited for a bit for the food and the bill. If you are down for a quick breakfast in the area, or you want to visit the gallery you should give this a try. But I wouldn’t expect too much.

Havana Restaurant & Gallery on Urbanspoon


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