The Observatory

The Observatory located at peak of Grouse Mountain. You will need to take the gondola up, but the ticket is free if you are dining at The Observatory. I visited this place during the winter (a while back). I was dressed up and it was quite chilly on the way up because it was so windy!! But really the view is worth it, it’s beautiful on the way up and while you sit there looking over Vancouver.

Guess what this is. This cute little dish is the butter. Very pretty displayed with a light olive oil on top. It wasn’t a strong flavoured butter, but I liked the olive oil. 🙂


I always like scallops so we shared a seared Qualicum Bay scallops as appetizer, the scallops were really fresh and tender. I really enjoyed this.


Here’s the duck, was very very tender and soft. The sauce was also very good with gnocchi like objects at the bottom.


The Lois Lake Steelhead Trout with baby radish, tomatoes and I really don’t know what those black things are. But they are very yummy, almost taste like cranberries. Trout was so nice and smooth. 🙂 With the right amount of flavour but I absolutely love the baby radish, so sweet!!


Dessert :D! Crispy donuts with pear ice cream (if I remember correctly, the ice cream were house made). With small bits of jello infused with pear juice. I loved the jello. Of course these warm pastry with ice cream is always tasty, but the jello definitely adds the wow value. I really really liked the jello bits. 😛


Meringue layers with vanilla ice cream and rhubarb berry sauce top with a few pistachios. If you have tried meringue layers are foamy and crispy at the same time. Works very well with soft vanilla ice cream and the rhubarb berry sauce. But the pastry layers are a bit sweet. If only a little less sweet. Otherwise, this dessert is very tasty.

I would for sure revisit maybe during a summer evening to enjoy the beautiful view again and a delicious summer menu. 🙂

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