Oakwood Canadian Bistro

Visited Oakwood Canadian Bistro for a friend’s birthday. She is always a great foodie source for me, and this time she once again found something great. 🙂 It was a very energetic place down on West 4th. Street meter parking available.

My friend ordered a All Canadian Poutine. I don’t have a photo of it but you will be able to see you once you click into their website. Poutine with real bacon, it was a very delicious poutine for sure although I was just trying out small bites. I would recommend this dish to others if I revisit.

Anyways for my main dish, I ordered the braised boar with potatoe agnolotti, baby carrot and hedghog mushrooms. With fresh parmason on top! Ravioli with cheese inside. The whole dish is quite heavy flavoured but is very good. The dish has a lot of different flavours the boar (rich and tender), the ravioli (aromatic and soft), the mushrooms (spongy and juicy). If you are not into strong flavoured and cheese, you probably won’t like this.

This is not my dish, I only tried out the beet. But o really like the look of the presentation. Duck duo. Almost looks like a sushi dish. But indeed very nice presentation. 🙂

This is also my friend’s dish. I tried it out and it sort of taste like Chinese grilled pork belly. It is pork meat with layers of fat. The crispy pieces on the side are quite oily. I am not sure what they are made of. This dish in general is not suited to my taste.

This is one of those places great for drinks and chat for the night with a small group of friends. I probably would visit if I am in the neighbour.

The Oakwood Canadian Bistro on Urbanspoon


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