My friend told me about newly opened affordable Italian place, so I paid a visit right away. Siena is off corner to Granville on West 12th, as I approach I realize that I have been to this place when it was a Thai restaurant. (It was a very very dark restaurant without much lights and windows.) The new renovated place has lots of big windows and we visited around 6:00pm which gave it a nice soft sunset glow.

We got seated right away since it’s only 6:00pm, no one else at the restaurant yet. It got busy as we have our meals.

To start, we ordered the All Bruschette – Caramelized Onions, Mushroom Mascarpone, Eggplant & Bell Pepper with Fresh Basil. The bread is really good, crispy on the outside and very soft on the inside with a hint of butter.

The onion is very good, soft and very nicely flavoured. Mushroom mascarpone would be good if that is the only piece you are having – it stuffs you up very quickly. The eggplant and bell pepper chopped with a large piece of fresh basil at the bottom, which brings out the flavours. I enjoyed all the bruschette lots. 🙂

Today’s Pasta – Prawn Ravioli with Lobster cream served with oven baked tomatoes and fresh basils. This is indeed a very good ravioli and the lobster cream sauce was great. Usually when I go out and order ravioli I only get about three pieces, but this one is the right proportion.

Today’s Risotto Special – Ling cod with tomatoes and basils topped with crispy garlic flakes. The ling cod was cooked just right, mixed well with the tomatoes and basils. I loved the garlic flakes, so crispy and full of garlic. I loved it!(Maybe I should make that at home and put it in my dishes! :D)

A Side Note:  This dish gets saltier as I go through it. If you are not into salty dishes, maybe ask them to reduce the salt.

Last we ordered a chocolate marshmallow tart – it was a very nice dark chocolate tart mixed marshmallow. It is a very rich dessert, if you are not into chocolate you won’t like this. I was quite stuffed from the bruschette, so I couldn’t finish this. but it was a yummy dessert.

This restaurant is a neighbourhood gem, with nice décor and good service. I would revisit with a few friends again and try out other Today’s Specials.

Another Note: Their wine goes on 50% off on Mondays. If you are into wine and cheese, this would be a great place to go on Monday nights. 🙂

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