I have heard of this place for a while but never got a chance to visit. My dad told me that their oyster burger was very good. So finally for a friend’s birthday I have visited Sandbar on Granville Island. The restaurant is two levels high and sits half on water – the lower level is the restaurant and upper level is the Teredo Lounge. I am sure if you go as a couple and get s a window seat it would be very romantic and halfway through dinner it had live piano playing upstairs also!

This place has very interesting décor – lots of wood fishes hanging on sea blue walls. I liked the feeling the restaurant gives. 🙂

My stomach wasn’t feeling at its best that night, so I avoided seafood that tends to upset stomach. My friend had ordered the Blue Shell Mussels which was steamed with coconut red curry sauce. I had one piece to try, I loved the sauce! It was so delicious. Too bad I wasn’t feeling well. 😛

For my entree I had the daily special fish – Ling Cod with oven roasted tomato vinaigrette. Yes the cod is fresh and tender but I am not sure what sauce I was eating. It felt like water downed tomato juice? It was alright, I didn’t felt like that sauce was appropriate for the cod. I probably wouldn’t order this again.

I was looking over their brunch and lunch menus, they looked pretty good. Maybe they will do better for brunch so I would revisit for a nice summer weekend brunch to see. 🙂

The Sandbar Seafood Restaurant on Urbanspoon


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