Thierry 2

Had a beautiful sunny weekend afternoon so popped Thierry in downtown after  a car show. Upon entrance my eyes went onto the colourful macarons right away, so I ordered three to have along with my Passion Fruit Cake.

Pink Praline (candied almonds), Lemon and Lychee. I would say I mostly taste the lemon out of the three. The other two tastes awfully similar to each other. But I am so disappointed at the macarons this time. They were so hard… like I used some force to take off a bite. I suppose I am comparing it at Soirette, these  ones were really sweet and hard (sorry I can’t get over the hard).

The Passion Fruit Cake was very very sour… (could it be because of the very sweet macarons?) I kept sipping on my green tea (with nothing in it), trying to get ride of the macarons sweet and passion fruit sour. I know passion fruit will be sour but maybe not that sour? I almost thought I was eating some sort of very strong lemon dessert.

My friend got the plain croissant. It was alright, not cripsy and fluffy enough. Doesn’t have the texture I usually look for in a croissant.

The latte however was very aromatic, very strong of the coffee aroma not being covered by milk. It was so nice and smooth, I liked it. (Their coffee are usually non sweet, so add as you please or tell them first before you order for cold drinks.)

Thierry is getting really huge in Vancouver and is one of the few dessert/cafe places opens til late. But I probably wouldn’t eat their macarons again (despite of the beautiful packaging they offer).


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