Adesso Bistro

I should have post this two months ago. I visited Adesso Bistro on Valentine’s day for their $45 set dinner. I made the reservation about 3 months ago to avoid any type of disappointment. We arrived right on time for our reservation and right away we got seated.

This is how the menu works, for $45 per person we can choose an appetizer, a pasta, an entree and a dessert platter to share between the two. (It is quite a bit of food, I couldn’t finish the pasta and the entree.)

For my appetizer, I selected the beet salad. There are two types of beets in this salad and I especially liked the orange one. So sweet. 🙂 These are served with goat cheese. Yumyum! 😀

My Valentine selected the house cured meat – some what similar to salami. Salty but very good meat with olive oil and olives. Worked really well with the salad.

Pasta is asparagus risotto with fresh slices of parmesan cheese, this is a decent risotto. And below is the dungeness crab pasta. The pasta was really good! I really liked it, with a good light sauce to show off the freshness of the crab. This is a must re order next time. 🙂

For entree, beef tenderloin and sablefish. The tenderloin was cooked perfectly with a nice sauce and the creamy potatoe at the bottom. Sablefish was so smooth and had a great lemon sauce to go with! I enjoyed both of these entrees. 🙂

Last but not least the dessert platter with chocolate mousse covered by dark chocolate and chocolate truffle. The mousse was so rich! (The outside chocolate coating was so hard, it took some effort to break. :P) But it wasn’t overly sweet, though it is filling but I just couldn’t help but nibble away. Truffle cake was good to balance out the richness, light sponge chocolate cakes layered with cream. And the hazelnut gelato was also very delicious.

This is a small restaurant tucked away in the Stanley Park residential neighbourhood. You probably wouldn’t expect a restaurant there. I would love to go back to this restaurant. 🙂

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