Hapa Umi

Hapa Umi by the waterfront of Coal Harbour is a sister restaurant to Hapa Izakaya (which now has many different branches at many locations). I have been to Hapa a couple of times in previous years, and I really liked their food. When I realize their new restaurant at Coal Harbour, I wanted to give it a try. Then soon there was a voucher for it at Living Social, so I got it and went right away. (Photos aren’t great, we were sitting outside and it got dark so quickly!)

To start Fanny Bay Tempura Oyster – tempura oyster with miso vinegrette and pickled shallots. This was pretty good, I felt like the tempura part could be a little crispier. (But maybe it is hard to tempura oyster?) But overall the taste of the miso vinegrette worked very well with the osyter.

Pemberton Meadows Beef Tataki – I really liked the green onion oil on top of the tataki, almost give you that feeling you get with Negitoro. 🙂 And I like how these beef tataki are small bite size pieces, saves trying to fold the tataki together before putting it into your mouth.

Hapa BC Roll – a side order to try out the skills of the sushi bar. Pretty good, but nothing really stunning. Though the salmon is really fresh and taste balance is good also (with cream cheese!).

BC Wild Spring Salmon  – Pan-seared salmon, gnocchi, roasted cauliflower, cauliflower puree, grilled zucchini, miso-hollandaise foam. The salmon is seared at the right level, not overly dried and stayed moist inside. I liked the thinly sliced grilled zucchini, but the foam looks very not appealing to me (and it really didn’t taste like anything). Everything I see foam on any dish, it throws me off. 😛

Tofu Two Way – Crispy Tofu steak, scallion-ginger soy, truffled hakusai, basil cream. I guess I got distracted by the name, I was expecting something more. Tofu steaks are lightly deep fried tofu, something you can eat a dim sum restaurant? The truffled hakusai was tightly wrap to a point it was hard to chew and hard to cut. I wasn’t sure what to do with it, I didn’t really like it the texture is not right.

Umi Cannoli – This is one interesting dessert. Fresh berries with whipped cream and caramel glitz and crispy pastry. It is all the texture mixed together. Though presentation seems a bit scattered but if you combine different things you will get different feeling in every bite.

Yuzu Tart – The ice cream was yummy, tastes good with the tart. The tart however tastes sort of like Malaysian Style Pandan (which you can order at any dim sum places). Difference is the citrus taste, which is good with the ice cream. But I didn’t have any special feeling towards this dessert because it really just taste like Malaysian Style Pandan.

Overall the service was great, the waitress took the time to explain any questions we had. I am sure this is a great place to enjoy a drink in the summer in front of the coal harbour area. But I just don’t know if the price I am paying for is worth it for the not so interesting food I am getting.

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