Adonia Tea House

I am sure for those high tea enthusiast would have heard of this small high tea place in Kerrisdale (high tea paradise :P). Adonia is located on West 41st Ave which offers afternoon tea, lunch and to go.

They use really adorable antique chinas, to match the overall theme of the cafe. Floral wallpaper and green cabinets, gives you a warm homey feeling to this cafe.

I have been here before for afternoon tea and I can never finish their food! (But really I can never finish any high tea sets and always have to bring some home. So this time I ordered the mini set (without having lunch prior) and still I could barely finish the set. (Mini set gives a sample of the afternoon high tea set, good for girls with small appetite and wants to try everything. 🙂 )

The mini tea set (6 pieces of mini sweets and savouries) is served with curry chicken croissant sandwich, ham and cheese crust-less sandwich, tuna sandwich, chocolate brownie cake, fruit tart/lemon meringue tart, chestnut tart with raspberry. I am not too into their savouries, they are very average. However their sweets are decent. (Though I have tried better, but Adonia is really good price for the environment you get.)

Usually I go for this place if I am feeling casual. Otherwise there are many more high tea places you can choose from around the neighbourhood at a little more price for a little more quality.
Adonia Tea House on Urbanspoon


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