Tokyo Joe’s Sushi Factory

Was looking for a cheap sushi place in Richmond so I found this. I heard about Tokyo Joe’s from a couple of colleagues (I work in Richmond), so I thought I would give it a try. Close by Lansdowne on Ackroyd Road in a little plaza.

Half size tuna and salmon sashimi – fresh.

Not sure if it is because I went with a boy but there is a heart in our sauce! XD (I went previously with my family and we didn’t get a heart :P) Anyways, very neat presentation of the maki rolls.

TJ Garden Roll and Spider Roll

TJ Garden Roll is very good – wrapped yam with avocado and pacific green salad (seaweed) on top. I liked the flavours and the texture, seaweed adds the chewy and freshness to the sushi. Very good combination.

Spider Roll – crispy fried soft shell crap with the special sauce (not sure what the sauce is but sort of taste like okonomiyaki sauce) This one is alright, but good thing that the soft shell crap didn’t get soggy and stayed crispy through our meal. 🙂

Of course, I order chopped scallop roll. 😛 This one tastes great with bits of tobiko (fly fish roe), it gave it extra little texture and pops. I liked it!

They serve unlimited miso soup and green tea while you are there. Miso soup is self served, but they will always ask you as you place your order.

This sushi place is ran by Koreans and has very energetic servers and waitress who are friendly and fast. I would recommend this if you are looking for something affordable and fast in Richmond.

Tokyo Joe's Sushi Factory on Urbanspoon


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