La Bretagne Creperie

This authentic French crepe cafe is off Robson on Jervis. As I enter the restaurant I notice the casual French cafe furnitures and the French waitress and chef, but I also notice how smoky the place is. As we got seated towards the end of the restaurant next (maybe I should say right in front of) the kitchen, I notice the smoke gets worst as the chef cooks meals for customers.

When we placed our orders, the waitress told us there were few things they are sold out or missing that day. But she didn’t tell us right at the beginning, she told us as we order (which is sort of annoying).

To start off, we got a cappuccino. It was good, like any other French cafes.

I ordered a pear crepe topped with Swiss dark chocolate. The crepe is fresh and soft. I really liked it, however the overdose of chocolate and sugared pear got me. It was really really sweet! The whipped cream is from a can (yes I can tell. :P) Half way through, I tried pushing off the chocolate and the cream and ordered an orange juice to balance out the sweetness.

For savoury, I got the chicken asparagus with jack cheese. This one is very yummy, the cheese so nicely melted with fresh asparagus and bits of chicken. (Or maybe I am preferring this because the sweet crepe was too sweet for me.) Though their crepes tend to be a little burnt (compared to most places I have tried).

Their crepes is good, but I also saw a few customer having baked crepes (which I would love to try). However they really need to improve their ventilation system, my throat started to hurt from smelling all the smoke for the short 40 mins I was in there. I couldn’t sit and chat because my throat and nose simply just couldn’t handle it.

Maybe revisit during summer when I can sit outside.

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