Cheesecake Etc

I haven’t been to Cheesecake Etc (on Granville, two blocks off from Broadway) for a while, so this time I revisited with a few friends to enjoy their delicious cheesecake.

Was dark inside, but of course that is atmosphere this cheesecake only place offers. So sorry for the blurry photos.

I normally do not order cheesecake anywhere else (because I can make them at home so easily). But I like Cheesecake Etc’s cheesecake, they are soooo fluffy! So for that I have ordered the original.

What can I say about the original? It’s original 😛 and fluffy without being too sweet. Even their whipping cream is never overly sweet. I just love love this cheesecake place.

My friend ordered the daily special – Mandarin Orange and Chocolate Syrup Cheesecake.

It is essentially the same cheesecake with a different sauce. But I really liked this sauce, the mandarin orange is lightly sour and sweet with a bit of chocolate. I really liked it. 🙂

Oh how I missed this place. I have only heard the owner play the piano once! He is hard to get, so let’s cross your fingers and hope you are lucky. 😉
Cheesecake Etc. on Urbanspoon


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