Kibune Sushi

I just couldn’t help but notice this restaurant as I go down Yew St., this restaurant looks really Japanese. Much like something I saw when I was in Osaka, the family run hot spring motels. So after a nice hour sitting on the beach, we headed there for an early dinner (around 5:00pm).

Upon entrance, I realize how small the place is, but everything inside reminds me of a true Japanese restaurant in Japan. It was quite since it was a little bit before dinner time. We picked our own seats. 🙂

Although it is a hot day, we ordered something that people usually don’t order on a hot day.

Yosenabe (? I hope I spelt it properly), it is a kind of hot pot dish that serves in a pot with soup and ingredients inside. We have ordered the seafood one, the soup base tastes similar to a udon soup base with seafood, oden, crystal noodle, shitaki mushroom and cabbage. The ingredients are very fresh, I really enjoyed the sweetness from the seafood and vegetables in the soup. This dish will take about 15 mins to be ready.

House-made gyoza – spicy. I can taste that it is housemade, very delicate and cook when order. (Another 15 mins wait dish.) But I don’t taste the spicy. Maybe we were given regular, not sure. Aside from that, this is a very good gyoza.

Ocean maki – hamachi, tobiko, avocado and cucumber. Moderate, but you can tell the sushi chef has good skills (no loose rice, everything lightly rolled together). Hamachi is very fresh.

Special Sashimi Roll – Salmon, tuna, mackerel, tamago and nori rolled in thinly sliced white radish. This sure is special, it is so interesting and delicious. If you tried something like rainbow roll before this is similar… but all items rolled into one. So many different types of fresh sashimi without the rice. You get quite stuffed from this roll since it’s lots of fish, but the thin radish totally gave it a nice crunch. :9

I enjoyed all the food there and the service we were getting. As our dinner approach an end the restaurant is only one table away from being packed. This sure is a hidden neighbourhood gem that I will revisit for sure!

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