Acme Cafe

I visited this cafe sometime last summer, so after an year I finally revisited. 😛 We ordered the strawberry milkshake with two shots of espresso. Espresso is espresso, the taste is always so overwhelming. The milkshake just tasted like a coffee shake. 😛

For my breakfast, I picked a daily special omelet with chicken and black beans. Their was this spice that I cannot recall the name of, but gave this omelet a kick.

Chicken Club multi-grain or white bread, chicken, bacon, aged cheddar, tomato, arugula, sun-dried tomato mayo and grainy mustard. This is one big sandwich even though it looks small, lots of ingredients layered into the sandwich. Stuffs you up quickly!

Baked Egg Scramble with free-range eggs, mushroom, goat cheese and sun-dried tomato, shredded redskin potato and toast. This was for my mom and she doesn’t eat goat cheese, so we substitute it with cheddar cheese. This was actually very very good, I think it’s the sun dried tomato. But so juicy and delicious. :9

Meat Loaf Omelet – another daily special of the day. My brother had this and he said it was bitter. I took a bite, it was a little bitter but we are just not quite sure where the bitterness coming from. Maybe a spice?

Daily Special – Tomatoe Curry Lamb Sausage with sunny side up eggs. I don’t eat lamb so I didn’t actually try this. But I tried the sauce. 😛 Was good! It’s basically curry made from tomatoe but it adds this light sour to the creamy sauce. 🙂

I didn’t order pie last time I was there because I was too early. (they make their pies fresh daily, so if you want pie go around noon when most pies are ready) So I chose from three that were ready – lemon meringue pie. I always like lemon meringue because it’s so sour at the bottom and so sweet on top without the cream. This is a very traditional pie with lots of sour at the bottom, you need the egg white meringue on top to balance it out. If you are not into sour, I wouldn’t recommend this.

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