Andrea’s Original Coffee & Cake

Found this place on Urbanspoon which a super high rating, so I must visit. It was so close to home anyways. This little strip of shops are among residential area, you probably wouldn’t know about it unless someone tells you or you live in the area.

This shop is also full of old customers who lives in the area, why I know because of the way the staff talks to their customers. They almost talk like they are families.

To start the morning I shared a turkey club panini with a friend along with a chai latte. The turkey sandwich was delicious. With jack cheese I believe, oh so yummy. But a very odd thing I found was that when I got home later, I was very very thirsty. Like VERY. I had to drink lots and lots of water. I am not sure if there’s extra msg or butter or salt in the food I was eating.

Latte was good, should have asked for unsweetened. But still good. 🙂
And then I couldn’t help but notice while I am having my breakfast how the whole place is surrounded by photos of their custom made cakes. They are all so cute or so cool. As I kept looking at the pictures, I had to get a cupcake to try. 😛

Oh the icing the was so buttery and creamy smooth. I don’t know how she managed to get that beautiful reflective color onto her icing. It was so pretty and so yummy. I would considering getting a cake made from this place in the future. 🙂

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Chad Thai

One day, randomly a friend decided to have dinner here. Which is a place that I live super close to and never thought to visit. So finally I paid a visit. 🙂 Of course almost at any Thai restaurant I must order Tom Yung Soup – A spicy and sour creamy soup with white mushrooms, coriander, lemongrass, red onions, kaffir limes leaves and galangal. This one was good sweet and sour and spicy (we ordered the mild), if you can eat very spicy you can definiltatey try their medium. 

Then, it’s the Gai Yung – Thai grilled chicken marinated in Thai herbs and spices, served with sweet chili sauce or spicy Thai dip. I really liked this chicken, the herbs are great with the sweet chili sauce. I loved it so much and tastes great with their jasmine rice. Nomnomnom! :p

Pad Thai with Tiger Prawns – Stir fried thin rice noodles in tamarind sauce, tofu, salted radish, egg, chives, bean sprouts and ground peanuts. Pad thai was okay, wasn’t anything amazing but at least it wasn’t stir fried with ketchup. >3< I had some pad thai before stir fried with ketchup. Was pretty gross. This one wasn’t strong enough for the flavour, I felt like something is missing. Just don’t know what it is…

Overall I liked this quiet little place with friendly services and not too too busy. And close to home, I’ll revisit again to see if they have anything new. 🙂

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This is a quick one, just wanted to blog about the new cake at Ganache! You must go try!!!


Grapefruit parfait and rosewood water lychee cream. Yum yum. I love lychee myself and this combination of grapefruit and lychee is sooo yummy!! Go try it out! 🙂

And if you have never been to Ganache, you need to try out their chocolate cakes. All of their cakes very yummy and you won’t regret it, I promise. 😉 Though there is limited seats in the shop and they don’t open very long so double check their hours. 🙂 But I always love to get cakes from them for take out to eat at parks and etc.

If you are into dark chocolate, I recommend Chocolat Veloute (in dome shape) – 70% dark chocolate mousse. OMG it is so yummy.
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Went to try out this place before the place closes down. I have been here about an year ago for Dine Out Vancouver. Oh wait, before that I have tried their dessert and appetizer at Eat Vancouver. I heard they were closing down on Opentable so I decided to go one more time with a few girls before they close.

They are famous for their decor and live jazz. We were lucky and got the live jazz. 🙂 But I have to say, it was quite loud. To a point it was almost hard to hear. Maybe we were sitting too close to the band. But regardless I enjoyed the music. 😀

Whatever you order there, they always give you mini sampler in a Chinese ceramic spoon on top of their colourful plate. I didn’t know what I was eating, but something like ham and tomatoe?

Anyways, let’s hit the important stuff!

I always love sablefish, because they are always so smooth. 🙂 Citrus and Maple-cured BC Sablefish served with herb gnocchi, Pacific seaweed, winter squash, Brussels sprouts, shiitake broth. This one was very tender, but I really don’t know about all the sides that came along with it. First it was the soup/sauce? I have no idea what it is. It was very liquidity and it tasted almost like chicken broth with soy sauce. There are mushroom and bok choy, I really felt like I was eating a Chinese dish. for 28 dollars. The herb gnocchi was a little over cooked therefore very soggy. 😦 I was so disappointed, as when I was here before for Dine Out I enjoyed all the dishes.

So I had bites from my friends’ dishes to see if I could get anything different.

This was a vegetarian pasta with mushrooms and asparagus. I have to say I like this way more than my dish. The pasta was cooked just right with asparagus puree and mushrooms on top. At least this dish I can taste all the different flavours, not so bland…

Lamb Duo – crusted rack chops, braised cheek, potato and yam gratin, globe carrots, lamb jus
I am not into lamb, so I just had took the carrot. 😛 It was organic, and very sweet!! Pretty good. 🙂

Of course, the meal will have to complete with dessert. 🙂 We ordered the ginger apple mousse and creme brulee. The creme brulee was little on the sweet side, but everything else is good. But I really really liked the ginger apple mousse. It was ginger mousse with very very thin strips of apple on top served with ice cream and cracker. I loved the thin strips of apple. XD

Overall I was quite disappointed with O’Doul’s. I don’t know if it is because they are busy so the food quality went down. We were also very rushed because one of my friend was late and the waitress kept coming to ask me when she is coming. (With no one waiting for tables). I wasn’t impressed and left a bad ending to this restaurant.

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Jimoco Cafe and Pasta

I heard about this place from my brother, he told me about this pasta cafe. Then I went online and did some research. This is actually a cafe that serves breakfast items along with pasta for lunch. Though it seems like they got famous from their 2 for 1 pasta.

It was a Saturday afternoon (1pm) we had to wait for a seat which took about 20 mins for a table of three. Which I suppose is a moderate wait (for me at least, anything over 20 mins wait is too long for me).

As soon as we are finished with orders, we got our complimentary garlic bread right away. (I know it’s complimentary but it was very yummy, nice crispy with a proper amount of garlic butter.)

Anyways, for us three girls we got 2 for 1 pasta and a pizza to share.

The Margherita Pizza was delicious! Very nice thin crust, with proper amount of sauce and cheese. I am sure if you are a big eater, this pizza might be a little too thin for you. But was good for the three of us. I absolutely loved the crust!

For pasta we got the creamy mushroom risotto with beef. It was served in a ceramic pot (first time I’ve eaten risotto with a ceramic pot). Which was nice because it kept the risotto warm throughout the meal. I was very surprised by this risotto, the beef pieces were very tender and cooked just right. It didn’t feel too hard to chew but still has texture. Fresh Parmesan also made this dish so much better. I will definitely re order this one next time I visit.

This clam linguine in white wine sauce was almost as good as Al Porto. It was a good alternate from the heavy risotto (which filled me up pretty good!)

I will revisit this for sure, good bargain for good food. Mmm mmm pasta. :9

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Long’s Noodle House 小龍記麵家

I don’t live anywhere near Riley Park, but I thought maybe I should go out of my way to try out more restaurants. So I did some research and found this place. My mom is from Shanghai, but she rarely cooks Shanghainese food. I really like to eat noodle, dumplings and such from Northern China (they are so so good!). So I always like to eat at noodle places. 😛

As soon as I go in, I was greeted right away by the friendly waitress. It was only 6pm on a Wednesday night and there are only three empty tables left (one is reserved). So we were seated towards the end of the restaurant (close to the kitchen).

There were only two of us, so we couldn’t really order large dishes to share. We both ordered soup noodle and a dessert – oh and soy milk (store bought. 😦 ).

Five Spices Beef Noodle Soup – the flavour is in the beef is not in the soup. Just to clarify. 🙂 The beef is tender with really nice flavours. Noodle was good also, but maybe it could have been thicker and chewier? Don’t get wrong, it’s not bad but there is just nothing amazing about this noodle.

I ordered the Shanghainese rice cakes in soup. Normally my mom cooks the rice cakes as stir fry. I know lots of people from Shanghai eat them in soup also, so I ordered one to try. It was good, the rice cake very chewy. But I am not sure if it is store made. They look like packaged rice cakes. But soup was good with lots of veggie.

Last but not least our dessert – Osmanthus Mini Rice Balls in Sweet Rice Wine Soup (酒酿桂花小圆子).

It was good, tiny little chewy rice balls in the strong rice wine sweet soup along with light fragrance from the osmanthus flowers. It was good…. 😦

Why the sad face? Because I was enjoying everything until I found a long strand of hair in my sweet soup. 😥 I told the waitress about what I saw and she apologize (which is fine). Then she asked me what I wanted to do with the soup. I don’t know, what am I suppose to do with the soup? I just left and she didn’t try to do anything else.

I probably won’t revisit, (even though the food is good) but this place is not clean. Or I am just a baby towards hair in my food. 0_O

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Bandidas Taqueria

There are many restaurants that I see and never visit, and this is one of them. I always see that it is quite busy, so for Mother’s day we visited for breakfast. And yes it was still very busy, we had to wait for a bit for our table but it wasn’t a too long of a wait.

Aside from their sign, I like their interior decor also. It is really casual but somewhat reminds me of rain forest or a greenhouse. (It could also be because I am visiting on a very sunny day?) Anyways, the whole place is filled with plants (real plants) on tables and as decor.

I went to check upon their website to understand more about their decor – they are aiming for environmental friendly and low-impact on the community. Ah that explains it a little bit. They also seems to have a few organic choices on their menus.

This is a vegetarian restaurant and no MSG (written on the menu) in their food items. 🙂

I went with my family so I ordered a Breakfast Burrito for my mom – Scrambled free-range eggs, fresh salsa, pinto beans, sour cream and cheese in awhole wheat tortilla. This was very yummy with the sour cream and salsa on the side. Though I really wish they would give us just a little bit more sauce.

For myself I ordered the Lemmy – A poblano baked with pinto beans, cheese & ranchera sauce, topped with two free-range eggs, served with tortillas & hash browns. This dish is very filling, I think it is due to the amount of beans in this dish. I could really only eat half of it. I love putting the beans and salad bits on the tortillas. The poached eggs were perfect! I really liked the eggs, it was cooked to the perfect moment. A little runny but not too much with firm skin. :9

My brother got the Chili – A hearty vegetarian bean stew topped with melted cheese and avocado. He also got two poached eggs on the side. The chili is actually quite delicious, and very good with the avocado. (I was shocked how the avocado went so well with the vegetarian chili!)

It was one satisfying breakfast without being too harsh in the wallet and no meat!! If you are a vegetarian, you need to try this one out. 🙂

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Hakkaku Ramen

This is a recently opened ramen place around Hastings and Willingdon area. There are not much ramen places near this neighborhood. So I went to try it out with a bunch of co workers.

Their veggie ramen is loaded with vegetables, so don’t worry about the veggie ramen not filling you up.
I have got myself a shio ramen, didn’t feel like miso. Their shio ramen soup is a little lighter than anything I have tried so far. Their noodle is alright, but isn’t really really good.Maybe I am just picky, but I have tried a lot of ramen places and this is maybe a little below the average I have been trying so far. Chasu was not bad, but I have tasted better.

I am not sure if I will revisit, over all I felt like the food I am getting for the price is not really worth it. Not the food is bad, just I was expecting better.

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Sushi Bay Kingsway

Always see this restaurant when I drive down Kingsway, finally I paid a visit to see. It was getting a quite food review on Urbanspoon, so let’s see if it is living up to the reputation. 🙂

To start we ordered the salmon sashimi. It was fresh, but somewhat a flavourless sashimi. I am not sure what is causing that. Everything was right, just wasn’t a typical salmon sashimi flavour. (I am not saying it doesn’t taste like salmon, it does just not as flavourful.)

Then we the daily special salmon rice appetizer – it is bascially a piece of flatten rice lightly fried with a piece of fresh salmon on top with mayo. Along with a tempura like sauce for dipping. This was not what I was hoping for. It was a little bland again. This appetizer fills you up quickly but I probably won’t get this again.

Another daily special – chicken katsu (cutlet). Usually I eat pork katsu, this is the first time seeing chicken so I ordered it. Was a little dry, but very crispy! It wasn’t bad actually, but would taste better if they give us a little bit more sauce.

This is my favourite dish for this dinner – Croquette. I generally don’t make deep fried items at home, so at times I order them when I go out. To make a croquette is not as easy as it seems. Cannot be overly fried or overly oily. This was just right, light crispy thin batter layer on the outside with lots of soft mashed potatoe and corn bits. But once again could use a little more sauce. 😛

I am generally not a crazy sauce person, I never ask for extra sauce or even at times ask for less. But this place is generally really low on sauce. Just to clarify. 😉

Maybe I am not ordering the right stuff, I don’t really know. Or my expectation is up there seeing the Urbanspoon review. I think it could be better?

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Breka Bakery

This place was recommended to me by a friend, he said this bakery place is open 24/7. Yup 24/7. 🙂 I was shocked when he told me because I was telling him sometimes late night I just want a croissant or something sweet all the bakery places are closed. 😦 This solves that craving. 🙂

I didn’t visit this bakery during mid night, but instead on a Saturday morning. Was quite busy! Lots of in and out getting their breads, all seats are all occupied. It was quite early with just two of us, we ordered a plain crossaint and an apple danish.

These were really nicely baked, very fluffy and crispy. But too bad it wasn’t warm – perhaps they do heat it up for you. (In the microwave? 😦 ) Anyways, if you aren’t too too picky this is actually quite yummy.

This is what they are famous for. Their strudel! Comes in Raspberry or Apple flavour. I ordered this to go home, because you need to purchase the whole long strip! But these are so yummy I can easily eat a few pieces.  Not too sweet with very good pastry layers. I am sure it’ll taste great if I reheat it with an oven.

Breka also sell wraps and sandwiches and cakes. But I heard from a friend that they do not sell their ‘own’ cakes. I have yet to confirm this information, but I’ll revisit to find out more.

Banana cappuccino and Americano. Hmm maybe banana cappuccino is being too adventurous. I couldn’t handle the artificial flavoured banana taste – reminds me of kinds syrup medicine. 😮

I need go back to their strudel. :p Perhaps cake next time to find out where they are from. 🙂

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