Breka Bakery

This place was recommended to me by a friend, he said this bakery place is open 24/7. Yup 24/7. 🙂 I was shocked when he told me because I was telling him sometimes late night I just want a croissant or something sweet all the bakery places are closed. 😦 This solves that craving. 🙂

I didn’t visit this bakery during mid night, but instead on a Saturday morning. Was quite busy! Lots of in and out getting their breads, all seats are all occupied. It was quite early with just two of us, we ordered a plain crossaint and an apple danish.

These were really nicely baked, very fluffy and crispy. But too bad it wasn’t warm – perhaps they do heat it up for you. (In the microwave? 😦 ) Anyways, if you aren’t too too picky this is actually quite yummy.

This is what they are famous for. Their strudel! Comes in Raspberry or Apple flavour. I ordered this to go home, because you need to purchase the whole long strip! But these are so yummy I can easily eat a few pieces.  Not too sweet with very good pastry layers. I am sure it’ll taste great if I reheat it with an oven.

Breka also sell wraps and sandwiches and cakes. But I heard from a friend that they do not sell their ‘own’ cakes. I have yet to confirm this information, but I’ll revisit to find out more.

Banana cappuccino and Americano. Hmm maybe banana cappuccino is being too adventurous. I couldn’t handle the artificial flavoured banana taste – reminds me of kinds syrup medicine. 😮

I need go back to their strudel. :p Perhaps cake next time to find out where they are from. 🙂

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