Sushi Bay Kingsway

Always see this restaurant when I drive down Kingsway, finally I paid a visit to see. It was getting a quite food review on Urbanspoon, so let’s see if it is living up to the reputation. 🙂

To start we ordered the salmon sashimi. It was fresh, but somewhat a flavourless sashimi. I am not sure what is causing that. Everything was right, just wasn’t a typical salmon sashimi flavour. (I am not saying it doesn’t taste like salmon, it does just not as flavourful.)

Then we the daily special salmon rice appetizer – it is bascially a piece of flatten rice lightly fried with a piece of fresh salmon on top with mayo. Along with a tempura like sauce for dipping. This was not what I was hoping for. It was a little bland again. This appetizer fills you up quickly but I probably won’t get this again.

Another daily special – chicken katsu (cutlet). Usually I eat pork katsu, this is the first time seeing chicken so I ordered it. Was a little dry, but very crispy! It wasn’t bad actually, but would taste better if they give us a little bit more sauce.

This is my favourite dish for this dinner – Croquette. I generally don’t make deep fried items at home, so at times I order them when I go out. To make a croquette is not as easy as it seems. Cannot be overly fried or overly oily. This was just right, light crispy thin batter layer on the outside with lots of soft mashed potatoe and corn bits. But once again could use a little more sauce. 😛

I am generally not a crazy sauce person, I never ask for extra sauce or even at times ask for less. But this place is generally really low on sauce. Just to clarify. 😉

Maybe I am not ordering the right stuff, I don’t really know. Or my expectation is up there seeing the Urbanspoon review. I think it could be better?

Sushi Bay on Urbanspoon


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