Bandidas Taqueria

There are many restaurants that I see and never visit, and this is one of them. I always see that it is quite busy, so for Mother’s day we visited for breakfast. And yes it was still very busy, we had to wait for a bit for our table but it wasn’t a too long of a wait.

Aside from their sign, I like their interior decor also. It is really casual but somewhat reminds me of rain forest or a greenhouse. (It could also be because I am visiting on a very sunny day?) Anyways, the whole place is filled with plants (real plants) on tables and as decor.

I went to check upon their website to understand more about their decor – they are aiming for environmental friendly and low-impact on the community. Ah that explains it a little bit. They also seems to have a few organic choices on their menus.

This is a vegetarian restaurant and no MSG (written on the menu) in their food items. 🙂

I went with my family so I ordered a Breakfast Burrito for my mom – Scrambled free-range eggs, fresh salsa, pinto beans, sour cream and cheese in awhole wheat tortilla. This was very yummy with the sour cream and salsa on the side. Though I really wish they would give us just a little bit more sauce.

For myself I ordered the Lemmy – A poblano baked with pinto beans, cheese & ranchera sauce, topped with two free-range eggs, served with tortillas & hash browns. This dish is very filling, I think it is due to the amount of beans in this dish. I could really only eat half of it. I love putting the beans and salad bits on the tortillas. The poached eggs were perfect! I really liked the eggs, it was cooked to the perfect moment. A little runny but not too much with firm skin. :9

My brother got the Chili – A hearty vegetarian bean stew topped with melted cheese and avocado. He also got two poached eggs on the side. The chili is actually quite delicious, and very good with the avocado. (I was shocked how the avocado went so well with the vegetarian chili!)

It was one satisfying breakfast without being too harsh in the wallet and no meat!! If you are a vegetarian, you need to try this one out. 🙂

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